Domenica In, Mara Venier loses patience: “If you want to laugh, get out of this studio”

Sparks in the studio today on Sunday In: Mara Venier loses patience and blurts out with one of the guests, it happened at the beginning of the episode.

Like every Sunday, even today 5 December, Mara Venier kept the public company with another episode of her own Sunday In. An appointment that every week turns out to be unmissable: exciting interviews, stellar guests and the sympathy of the presenter have made the program a true cult for years now.

Domenica In, Mara Venier loses his temper: “If you want to laugh, get out of this studio” (Rai Play)

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There is no shortage of twists and unexpected events, such as the one that happened during the space dedicated to dancing with the Stars. Milly Carlucci’s show last night gave viewers a truly touching moment when, in the second heat of the race, the competitors performed choreographies created to express an emotion, a pain, an important memory of their life.

Everyone was up to the task assigned to them, everyone was able to reach the hearts of the public by making them move and smile. It was also discussed on Domenica In, where many of the faces of Ballando were guests.

With one of them, Venier lost her temper for a moment, let’s see what happened.

Mara Venier, ‘chaos’ on Domenica In: the presenter loses patience

Commenting on some of the competitors’ performances last night, everyone agreed that one of the most engaging was undoubtedly that of Valeria Fabrizi. The famous actress remembered her missing mother, making everyone very excited.

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The other characters present in the studio also indulged in reflections on the subject, one of the most ‘felt’ emotionally by everyone. Rossella Erra, well-known commentator of Milly Carlucci’s transmission, for example, told an episode related to her deceased mother. At that point, Mara became very serious and scolded the judge of Ballando Guillermo Mariotto.

The stylist was indeed caught laughing in that quite delicate moment. “I’m sorry Mariotto, I have to tell you something. No, because you’re driving my bitches around. Yes. No, I have to tell you the truth. Because you were laughing and it was not the time to laugh. Excuse me, eh – said the presenter – There are moments in which you can laugh and be ironic. This was no time to laugh. Do you understand, Mariotto? I’m not. I’m not. Did you understand? When it comes to mothers who are no longer around, don’t laugh. If you want to laugh, get out of this studio, okay? ”.

Mariotto just answered “Ok” and told Venier to stay calm. After a while, however, Venier softened the tone and the two sealed the peace with a hug.

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Mara Venier loses patience
Photo source: Rai Play

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