Don Ciotti: “Christmas tells us about the Son of God, but also about many children of the world”

Best wishes from the founder of Libera and the Abele group

The greetings of Luigi Ciotti, founder and president of Libera, offer a reflection on Christmas that goes beyond religious and cultural references. “Christmas tells us about the Son of God, but also about many children of the world – says Don Luigi – The long journey, the effort to find shelter, and that child who finally sees the light in the humblest place of all. It is the story of thousands of boys and girls who are born today in conditions of poverty and insecurity: on the borders drawn with barbed wire, or in dilapidated houses rented by the family at a high price, because the poor are always open to blackmail, always exploited by those who have much more than them “.

The Abele Group “meets many of these children, and also many adults who know above all the dark side of life: the cold of need, stigma and indifference. Today more than ever, those who are poor face the real cold, like consequence of the energy crisis and the rise in the prices of essential goods and services, but also the chill of the by now accustomed gazes of those who think that poverty is one fatality among others”.

“It’s not like that – reiterates Don Ciotti- Poverty is not a destiny that has already been written, nor a fault for those who experience it. It is the result of social injustice and of political and economic choices capable only of buffering the most serious consequences, without facing the root of the problem.Really changing things, on the other hand, is possible, if everyone assumes their share of responsibility!Whatever our cultural and religious references, this Christmas let us lean towards the universal image of that child who looks out for the first time in the world, and let’s show them that the world can be a welcoming, warm and hospitable place”.