Don Giulio Mignani, parish priest pro euthanasia and rainbow families suspended

The priest who will no longer be able to preach and celebrate Mass: “I have always carried out with conscience the serious listening of the people, many in the Church agree with me but do not expose themselves”

Don Giulio Mignani, Ligurian parish priest of Bonassola, will no longer be able to celebrate mass or preach. This was decided by the diocesan ecclesiastical court of the diocese of La Spezia with a criminal decree of suspension ‘a divinis’ in which it is highlighted that the priest “over the last few years has repeatedly issued public statements which have also appeared in various newspapers and television interviews in which he repeatedly argued positions that do not conform to the teaching of the Catholic Church“In particular, Don Mignani, in recent years has always given a strong voice to his positions in defense of homosexuals, euthanasia and, underlines the decree,” regarding the termination of pregnancy “.

In the decree, it is pointed out that “the serene and conscious tenor with which” the interviews “were released leads to the exclusion of the presence of factors that may have influenced the enabling free expression of the cleric. He himself has recognized his affirmations”. To the question, reported in the decree of suspension ‘a divinis’ of an interview:’ Are there other men of the Church who are in agreement with you? ‘, Don Giulio Mignani replied:’ Yes, many people have come into contact with me , they are part of the religious world, they do not expose themselves, they tell me personally that they agree but then prefer not to expose themselves because the consequence that I can sooner or later suffer on my skin is suspension a divinis’ “.

Regarding the decision taken by the bishop of La Spezia, Msgr. Luigi Palletti, Don Mignani observes: “A large part of the faithful appreciated what I shared, drawing from it a reason for spiritual growth and re-motivation. Most of these are faithful in turn scandalized by the statements contained in some documents of the Magisterium and, again, moreover, due to the image of a Church and a hierarchy germ in a discouraging immobility, not willing to put a real debate on sensitive issues on the agenda “.

Don Mignani underlines that “the positions I have taken have never meant to be offensive or polemical towards the Church. What has always moved me is the concern that the Church itself can be considered more and more marginal and less and less credible in contemporary society: an eventuality that in my opinion is a very real quality does not mature the ability to question those aspects that may also have in the past fulfilled a historical function but which in the present, once knowledge and sensitivities change, risk being a cause of estrangement or even rejection. It seems to me that the way to obviate the danger that the Church closes in sterile self-referentiality is first of all to allow all its members (including the clergy) to be able to express their desire for change “.

Don Mignani says that what he “tried to implement is a serious exercise of listening to the people I met in my ministry pastoral care (also in conformity with the Pope’s indications relating to the Synod in progress) “. Don Mignani, taking advantage of the teachings received from an elderly priest shortly before his ordination to the priesthood, is the fact of always and in any case putting in first place my conscience”.