Don Matteo, a hard blow to the public: no one expected something like this

Hard blow for all Don Matteo lovers: no one would ever have expected such a thing, it is a twist.

A few weeks have passed since Don Matteo’s shocking season finale, but his fans can’t wait to find out what will happen in the next edition. Because yes, despite Terence Hill has said ‘goodbye’ to the role of him for a very specific reason, the TV series continues and does it really great.

Hard blow Don Matteo. Credits: Instagram

It would seem that Don Matteo never misses an opportunity to amaze his beloved audience. He did it when – after Terence Hill’s farewell – he chose to replace him with Raoul Bova, conquering everyone, but it would seem that he is ready to do it again next season. According to what is learned from TV Mia, it would seem that there will be two actors ready to say goodbye to the TV series in the next few episodes. It is, as we can clearly understand, a hard blow for the lovers of fiction, who expected everything except that – after the farewell of Terence Hill – there would be other greetings. Are you curious to know who we are talking about?

Hard blow for Don Matteo’s lovers: no one would have ever imagined it

According to what is learned from TV Mia, it would seem that a hard blow for all viewers of Don Matteo. The next season of the beloved TV series – in addition to the reconfirmation of Raoul Bova in the role of Don Massimo – could be full of twists. One among many? Unfortunately, the definitive greeting of two key points of the Rai Uno fiction. There is still no confirmation from those directly involved, but – according to the well-known weekly – it would seem to be so.

Each circle is forced to close. And just as there is a beginning, there is also an end. We could describe just like this the sensational indiscretion on the two Don Matteo actors who could say goodbye to the TV series forever. To sound the alarm among all the fans of fiction, it was not only one of the two directly involved, but also one of its screenwriters. Who are we talking about? Unfortunately, they are the two characters who may no longer wear their shoes: Anna and Marco! Regarding the splendid Maria Chiara Giannetta, Don Matteo’s screenwriter said that – in the coming months – the actress will be engaged with Blanca and that, therefore, “we will have to deal with this reality”. On Maurizio Lastrico, however, we do not know how well the facts are, but according to what we learn from the actor’s words it would seem that – after the kiss with Anna – it is physiological or a definitive abandonment by one of the two or, even , a happy ending.

don matteo hit hard
Anna and Marco. Credits: Instagram

Would you mind the departure of the two actors?