Don Said: “I have found my artistic dimension but I will continue to displace those who follow me”

tHug And the new EP by Don Said which contains the songs released this year and are Sunflowers (prod. by Jiz), Remember, millefiori (prod. by Arden), 4XL shirt feat. See Maw, Lullaby sunset (prod. by Jiz), LEAVE ME ALONE feat. Collective and Reiven (prod. By See Maw) and a new unreleased track Why notproduced by Jiz.

Nicolò you collected in tHug your 2023, at least until today: I ask you about the choice of the title, which in Italian means criminal, and if the capital H has a particular meaning.

The lowercase t and the capital H represent a tough person, it could be the first impact I transmit but behind it there is a hug that hides a certain sensitivity gathered from my experiences. Every moment of life traces the path.
Does your musical evolution that leads you towards refined pop have a point of origin or is it a spontaneous migration? To be honest you come from freestyle, your fans of the origins may feel displaced.

I’ve always somehow displaced people, I’ve always felt this need even though I know it can be a double-edged sword. Now I have found my artistic identity, which I feel is more successful. But I would do everything I did again. Today there’s more brain in every outing, the wave is different but I keep the same mentality.
Assuming you have several pieces ready, because you chose Why Not how unedited?

I have so many ready but I said this to myself… why not? I thought it was the track that best completed the path started from January to now. He convinced the whole team besides me.
In some moments the text seems almost three-dimensional: perfume like kisses, fur the color of the eyes, velvet gloves like hands: is it dedicated to an idealized person or to a person who is part, or has been part, of your life?

It’s not dedicated to anyone, I love to recreate images through rhetorical figures, through synesthesia. I like applying poetry to lyrics, it makes it romantic but it’s not a dedication.
Why not it’s also attraction and rejection because the things you don’t want to do you actually want to do with her: is love like this in the time of social media? An indefinite and indefinable swing.

Yes, because we are overwhelmed by information but also by people who can make us fall in love with different things.
Are you really a boss to make figures of m ** da?

I’m a sharpshooter in this area but slowly you grow and there are fewer opportunities to do them.
In Telegram you say “I like it if I make a mistake but my favorite part is doing it again”: but is there one who has decided not to repeat it again?

There is but I can’t tell.
In Sunflowers you say that “I’ll fly away from this trouble”: listening to your lyrics, love is often described as tormented… do you seek trouble or does it rain on you? I also think about 4XL shirt where you say “I’m a good guy and you’re a crazy head”.

I’m a magnet for trouble, I’m actually a nice guy but all kinds happen to me.
I’ve seen Louboutins mentioned at least twice: do they have a particular meaning for you?

It’s one of the most elegant brands and every shoe has a red sole: I’ve always thought of the imagery of a woman walking on a man and making him bleed and the sole gets dirty. It is a concept rather than a brand.
Do you always write poems over a Rizla?

It happens to me once in a while, then I elaborate them and a song can be born from a sheet of paper. Sometimes I don’t realize I’m writing and I find myself ready texts.
“They only insulted me out of hatred, I thanked them for hurting them”: have you become impervious to haters or do you still get annoyed by reading gratuitous malice?

I enjoy it, sometimes I answer sometimes no, it depends on how they hate you, if it’s out of envy I feel sorry for them. If you don’t live what I live, I’m sorry. Many times it doesn’t make sense to reply, other times I do it for fun and sometimes I’ve turned the attacker into a fan.
What will happen between now and the end of the year?

I do not know. I could throw everyone off again or confirm my attitude and position. I try my best both to develop my music and to give concerts.