Donà, ‘new classroom meets the needs of the present and the future’

“The classroom of the future must be a space capable of communicating both with the school of the present and with that of the future, and for this reason it has been designed in such a way as to satisfy current needs, while also taking into account how it could be the teaching model of the future ”. This is said by the architect Giorgio Donà of the Stefano Boeri Interiors studio, who, with the collaboration of Napisan, in the context of ‘Hygiene together’, has created the first prototype of the ‘classroom of the future’, a multifunctional, safe, technological space and eco-sustainable.

“The space we designed combines technology with safety, as well as eco-sustainability with multifunctionality, elements that make the classroom a space capable of being dedicated not only to lessons – continued Donà – but also to any other activity you want. propose, without limits to the imagination. From music to dance, from sport to group games: the classroom of the future makes it possible to carry out all these experiences without ever leaving the classroom, but simply by modulating the space according to need. In fact, all the furnishings ‘disappear’ inside the wardrobes if the classroom is cleared ”.

“Another important element – concluded the architect – is represented by the choice of materials: resistant, so that they are durable and therefore sustainable and easy to clean and antibacterial, for a healthy and clean environment”.