Donald Trump indicted over secret papers at Mar-a-Lago, due in court Tuesday

New indictment for Donald Trump a few months after the Stormy Daniels case. The former president of the United States announced with a post on his social Truth that he has been indicted for the affair of the secret papers found in his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. His attorney, James Trusty, told the Cnn that the tycoon will appear in court in Miami on Tuesday and that he awaits a copy of the indictment between Friday and Tuesday: “If they want to continue playing, they will deliver it to us at 3.01 pm on Tuesday”, added the lawyer, referring to the fact that Trump must be in court at 3.00 pm. There are seven counts of charges brought against Trump, including violation of the Espionage Act for voluntarily withholding documents related to national defense and not turning them over to those responsible, conspiracy, obstruction of justice and false statements. However, according to the Cnn, the former president of the United States would not have changed his plans related to the electoral campaign and would have confirmed the two rallies scheduled for Saturday. The investigation into the secret papers began in 2021, when the National Archives noted that the tycoon had not turned over all the documents before leaving the White House, and resulted in the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago last year .

Trump: ‘I’m innocent, they want to destroy my reputation’

“I have been indicted,” Donald Trump wrote in Truth, who with this indictment becomes the first former president in American history to face charges at the federal level. Federal accusations that draw for the United States – writes the New York Times – an unprecedented situation given that Trump “is not only a former president but also the front runner in the Republican nomination in the 2024 elections that could face Joe Biden, the whose administration is now seeking to indict him”. The tycoon did not hide his anger: “Today is a dark day for America”, he wrote, saying he was “innocent”. Then he released a 4-minute video in which he speaks to his supporters: “They go against a popular president” with the “box hoax. This is interference in elections at the highest level. They want to destroy my reputation because they want to win elections.” elections”.

The reactions

For the moment, Joe Biden’s White House has not released any comments, as have most of the Republican party. Among the first to speak was the speaker of the American House, the Republican Kevin McCarthy, who defined the indictment as a “grave injustice” and added that “it is inconceivable for a president to indict a candidate who challenges him. Joe Biden has kept classified documents for decades”. While Asa Hutchinson, former governor of Arkansas and Republican candidate in the 2024 US elections, said that Trump should stop his electoral campaign: “Trump’s actions, from the total lack of respect for the Constitution to the total lack of respect for the law shouldn’t define our country or the Republican Party.”

Who is Jack Smith, the special prosecutor accusing Trump?

The special prosecutor accusing Trump is Jack Smith, appointed chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague in 2018, where he dealt with war crimes in Kosovo, and then chosen by US Justice Minister Merrick Garland to deal with the investigation of the tycoon . A Harvard graduate and politically independent, Smith is a veteran of the Justice Department, where he led the Public Integrity Section and served as a state and federal attorney in New York and Tennessee. He has handled high-profile cases in the past, impeaching then-Virginia governor Bob McDonnell and Congressman Rick Renzi, both Republicans, among others.