Donald Trump, the FBI returns the three seized passports to the tycoon

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The FBI returned to Donald Trump the three passports confiscated during the search of his residence in Mar-a-Lago. Politico reports it, stating that two had expired (not one as the tycoon had reported in a post on Truth). The site also reveals that the former president is considering a trip to Scotland to visit one of his golf clubs in late summer: he would be the first overseas since he left the White House.

Trump calls for the immediate return of the seized documents

In the meantime, Trump has asked “respectfully”, on his social platform Truth, for the “immediate return” of some documents seized by the FBI in the search in Mar-a-Lago. A post that has no legal value but which serves to keep the pressure on the Bureau. Documents now classified in the hands of the feds also include documents relating to national security issues, including nuclear weapons.

NYT: former Trump Organization executive close to plea deal

On the front of the investigation into the Trump Organization, according to the New York Times – which cites two people with knowledge of the facts – Allen H. Weisselberg, long-time senior financial executive of the organization, would be one step away from a plea deal with the Manhattan prosecutor but will not cooperate in a larger tycoon investigation. The deal, if finalized, will not bring investigators any closer to a possible indictment of Trump but will transform one of his most trusted lieutenants into an offender. The plea deal will likely spare him a severe sentence, which could be limited to just five months in prison. In that case, Trump’s company would find itself facing the process alone.