Donnarumma (Terna): “Tyrrhenian Lab is a laboratory of skills linked to the territories”

“The Tyrrhenian Lab is a laboratory of skills fundamentally linked to the territories that host the landings of the Tyrrhenian Link. From the outset, Terna’s desire was to make these territories feel its presence but also to draw on young talent who fortunately, above all in Southern Italy, there is no shortage, thanks to the universities that we have involved”. This was stated by Stefano Donnarumma, CEO of Terna, speaking at the launch of the activities of the Tyrrhenian Lab at the University of Salerno.

“Part of the Tyrrhenian Lab is this master which will have the purpose of training and specializing these young graduates in subjects specifically connected with the energy transition, which is Terna’s true mission”, added the CEO.

And addressing the young people who will participate in the first edition of the master, he recalled: “You don’t have to choose a job in life but an ideal, values ​​and a mission. Because young people can be fundamental for our future, and they must be. They are , compared to my generation, much more inclined towards sustainability. They are born digital and have a broader and more lateral thinking than ours and therefore I trust them very much”, he concluded.