Donzelli (FdI): “Cospito influencer of the mafia for abolition 41 bis”. Then attack the Democratic Party

“The terrorist Cospito is using the mafia to cede the state on the 41 bis” accused the member of parliament of the Brothers of Italy, to then add that, after speaking with a Casalesi boss, the anarchist “also met the members of parliament Serracchiani, Verini and Orlando who went to encourage him in the battle”. Battle in the Chamber

Tussle in the Chamber in the Chamber for the statements of the Member of Parliament of the Brothers of Italy Giovanni Donzelli during the debate on the pdl which sets up the Anti-Mafia commission of inquiry.

“The mafiosi – said Donzelli – are not afraid of prison but of the 41 bis. The state has not changed its mind up to now. But there is a new road that the mafia is trying to make the state surrender on the 41 bis. And it is a new character, an influencer, who is using this tool: he is the terrorist Cospito who is using the mafia to make the State surrender on the 41 bis”.

Donzelli: “Cospito spoke with the mafia and with the parliamentarians of the Democratic Party”

“From the documents found in the Ministry of Justice – continued Donzelli – Francesco Di Maio of the Casalesi clan said, meeting Cospito: ‘Piece after piece we will arrive at the result’, which would be the abolition of 41 bis. Cospito replied: ‘It must be a fight against 41 bis, for me we are all the same’. “And Cospito – added Donzelli – on January 12 also met with the parliamentarians Serracchiani, Verini and Orlando who went to encourage him in the battle: is this left on the side of the state or of the terrorists and the mafia?”.

Serracchiari (Pd): “Never questioned the 41 bis”

Words that caused a real tussle in the Chamber and the harsh reaction of the Democratic Party. “Today’s classroom – said Debora Serracchiani, in a press point outside Palazzo Montecitorio – was unanimously called to approve the bill establishing the anti-mafia commission. On this we think there must be unity. This unity has been soiled by Donzelli’s words, which are very serious and have content and character of criminal relevance. Given that Donzelli has important institutional roles, we wonder if this is the position of President Meloni. We ask President Meloni to take a clear position. Tell us President Meloni if ​​she thinks the same way “. We, she continued” have never questioned the 41bis. What we have done, and we claim it because it is a right and duty of parliamentarians, is to go to prison to check the health conditions of this person and to understand if he could be followed up adequately “.

From Donzelli no excuses

“Excuses? No. I will gladly go to the jury of honor to ask the Democratic Party to clarify his words. I hope that the Italian left that is stammering about Cospito apologizes to the Italians”, added the FdI exponent speaking to reporters outside Montecitorio. “I don’t know of any coldness from the allies towards me – he continued – I only asked that the Democratic Party clearly say that it wants to keep the 41 bis, that it says it is fundamental. Instead, the opposition stammers. The mafia has something to do with it because it wants its abolition and now it supports Cospito. I only ask for clarity. Then I believe that Parliament is the right place for questions and answers. Then I see that the Democratic Party is obstructing the anti-mafia commission”.