Double suicide Forlì, Le Iene return to the case: “Tragedy within tragedy”

Matteo Viviani’s report: “Is there a regulatory vacuum? Dealing with the phenomenon is important to defend yourself”

“With a report by Matteo Viviani ‘Le Iene’ tonight they return to talk about the tragedy that struck Daniele, a 24-year-old boy who took his own life about a year ago, and of the suicide of the man who had a virtual relationship with the boy. The young man from Forlì fell in love with a beautiful girl, “Irene Martini”, known on social media. After a year in chat and thousands of messages he realized that his “Irene” never really existed, that there was another person behind that profile. Hence, the collapse “. This is what the show ‘Le Iene’ says, adding that”the video retraces the story and explains chronologically what happened in the days after the first service aired “.

“The show was continuing to work on the case because, unfortunately, that story did not end there. In addition to Daniele, other guys would have started a relationship via social with“ Irene Martini. ”Matteo Viviani contacted them to hear their testimony, to understand how they were and if that deceptive relationship had also impacted their lives – continue ‘Le Iene’ – If for some it was nothing significant for others, however, the story represented something more like for Daniele “.

During the in-depth phase, the news came that the man who pretended to be Irene Martini has put an end to her existence – continues the program – A tragedy within a tragedy. Which not only leaves no one indifferent but has impressed everyone. Because regardless of the reading that each of us can make of this story, we are talking about the life of a man, who, due to a perverse mechanism, was linked to that of another man and followed the same tragic fate “.

“The service – let us know from the broadcast – continues with a broader reflection on the world of catfishing, a much wider and more dangerous phenomenon than one can imagine, which always affects weaker and more fragile subjects, people who should be better protected. Phenomenon that the Italia1 broadcast has already dealt with several times and in different shades, and which, fortunately, did not have the same epilogue “.

The service ends by asking three questions: Is there a regulatory vacuum around this problem? And, above all, do you have the tools to protect the people most at risk? Why is the crime of substitution foreseen in the legal system, but is it sufficient? – conclude ‘Le Iene’ – Finally, a reflection on the part of the program: continuing to deal with the phenomenon is important because learning to recognize the problem is the first step in defending oneself “.