Dr. Cordero insults Monserrat Álvarez and Julio César live: "THEY ARE PENCAS, THEY ARE BAD"

The Deputy Mara Luisa Cordero has been the focus of attention in the media after a hard exchange with the entertainers of the morning program Contigo. During a discussion in which the deputy defended her doubts about the senator’s blindness Fabiola CampillaiCordero verbally attacked the panel of Contigo and the host of the program, Julio César Rodríguez.

The legislator, recognized for her career as a doctor, dismissed the criticism of empathy and respect she received from Rodríguez and stated that no one could teach her to treat others. “Have you ever cared for a madman? Don’t come talk to me about empathy,” replied Cordero.

In addition, the deputy accused the Contigo panel of wanting to hear only what they wanted, and of being “pencas” and “bad”.

“Show that you were in the university, kids, suddenly the morning leaves a lot to be desired, they are bad, they are bad, they do not help in education,” said Cordero.

The argument ended abruptly when Cordero hung up on the phone, stating that he wanted to end the conversation because it felt boring and repetitive. “Julito, could you have compassion on me? I’m hungry, I’m thirsty and I want to cut off the conversation because I find it very repeated, sidelined and I’m not going to say what you want to hear. I love you very much Julio, but I’m going to go”.