Dr Mercy, Ashley shocks: never seen anything like it before, to be left speechless

Ashley asks Dr Mercy for help: really shocking, nothing like it has ever been seen before, to be left open-mouthed.

We usually tell you about the adventures that alternate in the study of Dr. Craythorne or Lee, respectively undisputed protagonists of The Skin Clinic and Dr. Pimple Popper, but this time we want to completely ‘upset’ our habits. And tell you about all those patients who wanted to ask the young and sweet for help Dr Mercy.

Ashley. Credits: Discovery

Of Nigerian origins, the doctor has been a registered dermatologist for more than 10 years. And, after opening a studio in Chicago, she made sure that all those people who needed help with their skin conditions turned to her.

The first patient that the public got to know in the new TV series ‘Dr Mercy’ was the very young Ashley. Suffering from neurofibromatosis, the woman said she wanted to contact the Nigerian doctor to solve her problem once and for all. Orphaned by her mother at the age of 8, Ashley was aware that her disease was hereditary and she feared very much that one of her four children could also suffer from it.

Shocking to Dr Mercy: Ashley’s story, creepy

As we said, therefore, Ashley was the first patient of the Dr Mercy to ask her for help on the tv show. Suffering from neurofibromatosis, the woman said she began to suffer from this disease from the age of puberty. If initially, however, the growths were very small and few, over time they increased more and more in size and number. To date, Ashley’s body was completely covered with neurofibromas. From the face to the chest and back, the doctor’s patient was in desperate need of help. Look at how she was reduced:

dr mercy ashley
Ashley disease. Credits: Discovery

It is clear that Ashley was in desperate need of help. Did Dr. Mercy help you? Absolutely yes! After listening carefully to her story and understanding how important it was for her to be able to do something for her skin, the doctor immediately went to work to help her. Of course, as Lorne and Susan – both Sandra Lee’s patients – teach us, there is no real remedy for neurofibromatosis. Therefore, even the young Mercy initially wanted to operate on those growths that bothered the patient more than her. The result was magnificent and Ashley couldn’t help but ‘cheer’ once she saw herself in the mirror.

dr mercy ashley
Ashley after. Credits: Discovery

The road, as we can clearly understand, is still very long and Dr Mercy will have a lot to do with Ashley, but the woman is very satisfied with the beginning. And we can’t help but be too!