Dr Mercy, Jorge has difficulty breathing: incredible drama, he would never have imagined it

Jorge recounted his drama to Dr Mercy: he even has difficulty breathing, he never would have imagined, what happened.

The lovers of The Skin Clinic and of Doctor Pimple Popper already know what we are talking about and what disease is affected by the good Jorge, patient of the program Dr Mercy. Determined to go back to having the life he was before, the 50-year-old said he wanted to ask the Nigerian dermatologist for help because of his nose problem.

Jorge drama. Credits: Discovery

“For many years I have been normal”, began to tell Jorge to the cameras of ‘Dr Mercy’, explaining that the skin problem has only taken place since he was 30 years old. If initially, however, the disease manifested itself as simple redness, over time it became something bigger. “The situation worsened. Around the age of 40, I realized that the nose was starting to change shape “, he said. An incredible drama, as you can clearly understand, above all because – due to his problem – Jorge couldn’t even breathe. Just like Jim’s, in fact, his rhinophyma was so large that it drastically occluded the right root.

From what can be clearly understood, therefore, the situation was mostly dramatic. And that’s why Jorge asked someone expert for help. Did Dr. Mercy have it right for her? Let’s find out together!

Jorge’s drama told to Dr Mercy: what happened, he could no longer breathe

Driven by a strong desire to understand what that huge growth he had on his nose for about 20 years was, Jorge chose to contact to Dr. Mercy. It would seem, in fact, that – even before asking her for help – he had asked for the consultation of another, but that he had received both a diagnosis and a wrong treatment. Therefore, the growth that she only had on her nose not only stayed there, but increased more and more. Today he had reached such a size that it was impossible for him to breathe normally. The right nostril, in particular, was completely occluded by the growth that had grown over the years. Take a look here:

Dr Mercy jorge
Jorge nose first. Credits: Discovery

Really scary, don’t you think? From here, therefore, it is clear what prompted Jorge to ask the Nigerian dermatologist for help and what frightened his brother so much. What was it about? As many will know, Jorge’s growth was nothing more than a rhinophyma – just like Roger’s.

During the operation, the doctor tracked down several difficulties, which, however, did not overcome her at all. At the end of the removal operation, in fact, the dermatologist was able to eliminate about 70% of the rhinophyma. And this is certainly a great result for a first session.

Dr Mercy jorge
Jorge nose after. Credits: Discovery

As soon as he saw the result, Jorge exploded with joy. If these are the results of the first session, we dare not imagine those of the second.