Dr Mercy, Ramon surprises everyone: ‘shock’ discovery, what happened in the clinic

Ramon surprises the entire audience of Dr Mercy: shocking discovery for the dermatologist during the surgery, what happened? Crazy!

If Brad’s illness literally left everyone shocked by its rarity, so was the reason it drove it Ramon to ask for help from Dr Mercy is not far behind. Barely 28, the young man explained to the television cameras that he needed the doctor’s help due to some growths growing on the nape of his neck.

Ramon story. Credits: Discovery

With Dr. Pimple Popper, we have seen different types of growths. We have ‘known’, for example, numerous cysts or lipomas. With Dr Mercy and, in particular, with the story of the young Ramon, we learned about the existence of a completely type of acne. We usually think that there is only one form of this skin inflammation, but this is not the case at all. The young man, in fact, wanted to contact the Nigerian dermatologist because of some different growths that had grown about 10 years earlier behind his neck.

“They are not painful, but just very annoying”, Ramon explained to the television cameras. Also explaining how much these growths are used to squeeze and expel liquid and purulent material. What exactly is it about? With Sandra Lee, we saw how Reggie’s keloid put the dermatologist in dire straits. What happened to Ramon instead? We will tell you everything. Be careful: the doctor will make a ‘shock’ discovery during the surgery.

Shock Discovery for Dr Mercy: What Happened to Ramon, Incredible!

According to what we learn from the story of Ramon at Dr Mercy, it seems that the first growths behind his neck started to grow about 10 years before his request for help from the dermatologist. At first with a small pimple and, later, ever larger and more extensive, the skin inflammation became more and more present in the life of the very young twenty-eight year old until it completely affected it. Of course, the protuberances did not cause him pain – as he himself pointed out – but only a lot of annoyance and embarrassment. Look at the back of Ramon’s neck:

dr mercy ramon
Nuca Ramon. Credits: Discovery

In short, you can clearly understand why Ramon asked the doctor for help. What happened, however, once he went to the clinic? Needless to say, the dermatologist found the situation and immediately reassured her patient about the nature of the inflammation. It was, in fact, a ‘simple’ keloid acne of the nape. Brought to the clinic, however, the dermatologist made a ‘shock’ discovery: the keloid was deeper than she thought. Despite this, however, the removal operation went great and Ramon very soon saw the result, remaining speechless.

dr mercy ramon
Ramon after surgery. Credits: Discovery

“I was very surprised, the scar is smaller than I expected”, Ramon said as soon as he finished the surgery and saw the back of his neck.