Dr Mercy, Summer’s story leaves everyone stunned: goosebumps story, what happened

Summer’s story told to Dr Mercy left everyone speechless: goosebumps tale, what exactly happened.

A real thrilling story, the one that Summer he told the Dr Mercy during his first visit with the Nigerian dermatologist, which gave everyone goosebumps. For about 15 years, the forty-four-year-old had been living with some bumps that made her life impossible.

Summer shock drama. Credits: Discovery

Cysts, as we have seen in the episodes of Dr. Pimple Popper, can grow anywhere. This is confirmed by Dusten, who once asked Sandra Lee for help for the protuberance was told that the dermatologist could not have done anything not only for her position, but also for her size. Summer too, as we said, chose to turn to Dr. Mercy because of the different cysts growing on her scalp.

She too, like Amy, was tired of having to live with these cysts and chose to ask the Nigerian dermatologist for help. What shocked the audience of the program, however, was not her protuberances, but the dramatic story she had behind her. “I have ruined my life. I would like to go back to who I was before all this began “, he said. Let’s find out what happened together.

Summer drama at Dr Mercy: very difficult past, what happened

Even before showing the Dr Mercy its protuberances, Summer he couldn’t help but tell his dramatic story. At the time of her consultation with the Nigerian dermatologist, she was working for a renovation firm, but in her past there was a career as a model. She was very young when she started to take this path and she was very happy, but very soon she had to deal with a bad reality: anorexia! Summer, in fact, has lost a lot of kilos and this, unfortunately, has also led to the loss of time.

Summer, after this past, seriously wanted to go back to living as it once was! First by removing the cysts and then by turning to a dentist, Dr Mercy’s patient wanted to start a new chapter in her life. “If all the cysts were removed, I would be more serene. I’m tired, there is only one life “, he said.

dr mercy summer
Summer bumps. Credits: Discovery

Needless to say, Dr. Mercy immediately proceeded with the operation, allowing her patient to be happy again. By first removing the largest and most annoying cysts – Summer, in fact, had about seven – the Nigerian dermatologist returned her patient a beautiful smile.

dr mercy summer
Summer after bumps. Credits: Discovery

The result was amazing! And even Summer couldn’t help but show her amazement and her enormous gratitude towards the dermatologist. The first step towards rebirth has been made. Now she was missing very little to return to being what it once was. Good luck!