Dr Mercy, Tiffany’s drama: “I was 10”, terrible pain

To Dr Mercy cameras, Tiffany told her tragedy: the disease came out at the age of 10, terrible pain.

“It is one of the most difficult ailments for a dermatologist to treat”, it is with these exact words that Dr Mercy described the pathology from which Tiffany, a very young patient of hers, was suffering.

Tiffany. Credits: Discovery

Tiffany’s disease, as told by the direct interested in the TV cameras, appeared when she was only 10 years old. First a small lump appeared in the armpit and then a series of blisters. Over time, the lump got bigger and bigger and she even had to run to the hospital. “They squeezed it for me”, he told. Everything seemed to have worked out, then, but it didn’t. After the birth of her three children, the disease spread. And in addition to the lump under the arm, another one has also formed behind the back. “The pain is unbearable”, has explained.

“I would like the doctor to help me to return to having a normal life”, Tiffany said shortly before her visit with the Nigerian dermatologist. As Sandra Lee did for Amber, was Dr. Mercy able to help her patient too? Her, as explained, is a rather difficult disease to treat, but let’s find out what happened in the clinic.

Tiffany’s incredible drama to Dr Mercy: shock news for her, what happened

The disease she was suffering from Tiffany it was called hidradenitis supporativa – the same one that the famous Dr. Pimple Popper had treated with Jesse. As described by the Nigerian dermatologist in front of the cameras of the program, it is an inflammation of the hair follicle that can cause loss of pus and pain to the point of compromising the life of those who suffer from it. “It’s quite disabling”, the doctor said. In fact, for Tiffany it was a lot. Not only for about three years she was no longer able to work because of her severe pain, but she also told of spending whole days at home completely lying on the sofa. In short, this was a real drama!

dr mercy tiffany
Tiffany disease. Credits: Discovery

“You are one of the most serious cases I’ve ever seen”, Dr Mercy said as soon as she saw the lump that formed on Tiffany’s lower back. In this area of ​​the body, in fact, the young woman not only had the signs of the disease, but also an ongoing infection. Therefore, the dermatologist immediately wanted to operate on the lump in the armpit and then proceed with the one on the lower back.

Dr. Mercy’s surgery went great and the dermatologist said she was satisfied with the result. Obviously, Tiffany’s path to ‘rebirth’ was still a long one, but we are confident that she will succeed very well.

dr mercy tiffany
Tiffany after surgery. Credits: Discovery

“I am so happy. I can’t wait to see my children “, Tiffany said after the surgery. We hope that you have managed to achieve your goal today.