Dr. Pimple Popper, James’s nightmare had been going on for 35 years: unthinkable, what happened

James told Dr. Pimple Popper the nightmare that had lasted for more than 35 years: really unthinkable, that’s what happened.

If Dusten’s bump – so, unfortunately, Dr. Pimple Popper has been able to do very little – it has left you speechless, rest assured that even that of James it will have the same effect on you. The man chose to turn to the famous dermatologist because of an outgrowth grown on the sides of his mouth that completely upset his life.

James story. Credits: Discovery

James’s story on the famous Real Time show is very similar to Ramiro’s. In fact, even the patient of the very latest episode of the docu-reality said he asked the Californian dermatologist for help because of the growth that grew on the sides of his mouth about 35 years earlier. At first very small, but gradually getting bigger, the protuberance had reached such dimensions as to make life impossible for him. James, for example, said that he always loved the Christmas holidays, but that since the bump is part of his life he has started to hate them.

He too, as has happened to other patients, asked for help even before turning to the famous doctor, but not having obtained great results. The cyst not only reappeared, it appeared even larger. Are you curious about what happened in the clinic? Did Dr. Lee manage to remove the lump from her patient’s face? Let’s find out together!

Doctor Pimple Popper, James asks for help after 35 years: what happened

While James’s growth was no danger at all, he still felt the need to get rid of it. For 35 years, in fact, the patient de Dr. Pimple popper he was forced to live with this bump, but it was time for him to say ‘goodbye’ forever. What happened in the clinic? As we said previously, James said he had already turned to a specialist, but had not had great results. Evidently, the growth has not been completely removed and has grown again. So, Sandra Lee, will it have been the right time? Let’s find out together in detail, but first take a ‘close’ look at the protuberance:

pimple popper james
Bozzo James first. Credits: Discovery

Nothing to say, just to understand! The growth was very large and James now didn’t want to see it anymore. It goes without saying that this large mass was nothing more than a cyst and that the doctor immediately proceeded to remove it. The surgery was very fast and, although James initially felt slightly pain and discomfort, he did not have very big complications. After 35 years, his patient’s cheek has returned to normal and this is, without a doubt, the merit of the famous dermatologist.

pimple popper james
James after surgery. Credits: Discovery

In short, a truly impressive result, no doubt about it!