Dr. Pimple Popper, Jim couldn’t even breathe: sensational, what happened

Dr. Pimple Popper, Jim couldn’t even breathe because of his problem: really sensational, what happened.

There are many patients who have chosen to turn to Dr. Pimple Popper because of their skin problem, but Jim she decided to ask the famous dermatologist for help for a matter of life. “I can’t even breathe”, the 58-year-old told the television cameras. What happened? And above all, what was he suffering from?

Jim nose. Credits: Discovery

Jim’s case is very similar to Terry’s. In fact, both suffered from a very serious form of rhinophyma, which seriously jeopardized their breathing. The drama of the very nice 58-year-old began exactly in 2008 when he began to feel a rather hard lump under his touch. Initially small, the bump has increased more and more until it extends over the entire tip of the nose. After turning to several doctors and not having found any kind of solution to his problem, Jim wanted to ask Dr. Sandra Lee for help in the hope that the dermatologist could solve his problem. What happened in the doctor’s clinic? Did the famous youtuber manage to return her old nose to Jim? Let’s find out together!

Doctor Pimple Popper, Jim’s unthinkable drama: truly sensational!

Due to his nose problem, Jim he lived a life that could hardly be called such. Very close to his children, the 58-year-old told the cameras of de Dr. Pimple Popper usually not to show himself in their company to avoid making them the object of ridicule or mockery. In short, it can be clearly understood that Jim was living a very complicated situation. What happened, though, in Dr. Sandra Lee’s clinic? In spite of the doctor he had previously referred to, was the dermatologist and Youtube star able to solve her problem? Needless to tell you: absolutely yes! As with Jason, also with Jim the doctor managed to eliminate his problem in a flash, giving him a new chance in life.

pimple popper jim
Jim nose first. Credits: Discovery

Jim’s nose, as shown in the photo above, was in rather bad condition. It is therefore clear why the man asked the doctor for help. The rhinophyma, in fact, was so large that it blocked his nostril, not allowing him to breathe properly. The removal surgery was not a walk in the park! The doctor, in fact, had to proceed with caution for fear of blood vessels. Despite this, however, everything went great and Jim couldn’t help but express happiness for his ‘new nose’.

pimple popper jim
Jim after. Credits: Discovery

After the program, Jim has started a new life and we can’t help but be happy for him.