Dracula, Chloé Zhao wants the vampire Robert Pattinson in his new film

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Robert Pattinson could return to play the role of the vampire.
In the last few hours, the rumors relating to his possible presence in the cast of the next film project directed by the Oscar-winning director Chloé Zhao are becoming very insistent.
The star of the film series of Twilight he could then reprise the role of the bloodsucker in the highly anticipated upcoming film.
It seems that Pattinson is in talks to represent the classic character, which we will see awaken from a secular torpor. For now there is no official news, but in the meantime the network is in turmoil: the many fans of the actor can’t wait to see their darling once again immerse himself in the role that consecrated him to divinity of the Hollywood Olympus. A role which, however, has also considerably trapped him, as often happens when an actor is hired for such a particular part.

Robert Pattinson is the Bela Lugosi of the New Millennium

In fact, we can say that Robert Pattinson is the Bela Lugosi “de noantri”, and with “noantri” we refer to the younger generation than that of the spectators who were used to the legendary Lugosi as Prince of Darkness.
Unfortunately for him (Pattinson as much as Bela Lugosi at one time), it’s hard for many fans to picture him as anything other than a vampire. Let’s say Unfortunately because no actor would ever want to be pigeonholed into a single role, as their career clearly depends on it. However Robert Pattinson only has to thank his Edward Cullen, the young vampire played in the film epic of Twilight which adapted the homonymous literary saga by the American writer Stephenie Meyer.

And to those who disagree with all this, arguing that Pattison then played very different roles, for example that of Batman in The Batman by Matt Reeves, let’s say: we always talk about bats…

From young vampire to older Prince of Darkness

For obvious age reasons, Robert Pattinson would pass from the role of the young vampire Edward Cullen to that of an older vampire.

It’s been years since Pattison was the handsome, tormented vampire, so now we’ll see a more mature actor step into the part of the older Prince of Darkness. The more adult, the better to say.

Will he be a heartthrob bloodsucker once again?

The question that arises is whether Chloé Zhao’s Dracula and, perhaps, Robert Pattinson will be the classic character described by Bram Stoker or if it will prove to be a more modern evolution.
In fact we already know that the director awarded the Oscar for his Nomadland intends to delve into new aspects of the famous vampire, probably also exploring his sentimental sphere.

“This unique combination of an ancient vampire represented by a young actor who played a new age vampire could be what fans of all generations need,” notes journalist Anna Koselke in the American magazine Dexerto.

Zhao’s Dracula project is still quite top secret

Chloé Zhao recently confirmed that she is almost done writing the screenplay for Draculabut hasn’t shared any other news about the project since.
His personal interpretation of the iconic vampire will be characterized by a contemporary touch, without neglecting elements of science fiction and hot topics of today’s society.

Certainly the director will focus a lot on this film, since after winning an Oscar for best director for her acclaimed Nomadland he spent quite a lot of time working on the Marvel film Eternalswhich was poorly received.

This director’s gift is precisely that of being able to suggest a new and unprecedented point of view, therefore it is very probable that her Dracula will be astounding, far from being the usual hackneyed story that tells paro paro what Bram Stoker has already told us flawlessly (so why have to re-tell it like him?).