Draghi: “Extraordinary effort on vaccines, Italian campaign faster than the EU average”

“86% over the age of 12 have at least one dose and 81% are fully vaccinated,” said the premier during his communications to Parliament ahead of the European Council. Then during the replies to the Chamber on the Green pass: “After having had 132 thousand deaths, in good conscience we must do everything possible and what is necessary”

Prime Minister Mario Draghi, speaking to the Senate, described the effort of the vaccination campaign in Italy as “extraordinary”. “After a slow start, the European vaccination campaign has achieved very satisfactory results” and “in Italy the campaign is proceeding faster than the EU average: to date 86% over 12 years have at least one dose and 81% are fully vaccinated “, added Draghi on the occasion of the communications to Parliament in view of the European Council. “I want to thank all citizens who have chosen to get vaccinated, especially the young and very young, and those who have decided to do so in recent weeks after overcoming their hesitations”, he stressed (ALL LIVE NEWS ON COVID-19). In the House there was then an applause when the Prime Minister recalled “the commitment of doctors and nurses” in the fight against Covid. In the afternoon Draghi then repeated the speech in the Chamber and then replied to the deputies. “After having had 132 thousand deaths, in good conscience we must do everything possible and what is necessary”, said the premier, replying to the Honorable Cabras of Alternativa there, who raised doubts about the Green pass. Draghi’s sentence was greeted by a long applause from the Chamber.

Pandemics, a “common response” is needed

“At the Council, we will discuss the European approach to address and overcome any future pandemics”, added the premier. “We must invest in science and research, which have allowed us to have effective and safe vaccines in a few months”, underlined the prime minister, recalling that “we must avoid the repetition of the dangerous episodes of health protectionism that we witnessed in the first months. of the pandemic. We will continue to work to improve the global response to future health crises also in all appropriate multilateral fora. ”

“In 16 states Green pass extended, EU coordination would be needed”

“There are 16 states that have recognized the extension of the Green pass. For others it is being analyzed: there is a lot of work by the Ministry of Health for ad hoc agreements. If it were possible to have European coordination on this, it would certainly be better, I will talk about it to the Council “, added the premier in the reply in the Chamber to the Chamber. The data, continued Draghi to Montecitorio, demonstrate “the effectiveness of the measures put in place” with the extension of the mandatory Green pass to the workplace: “from the decree with the extension to the workplace, the first doses of the vaccine are increased by 46% compared to the trend expected from 16 September “.

“Gb teaches that we must come out of an emergency gradually”

On Covid, Draghi then said in his reply to the House, “not only the past but the present teaches us that this is the right way: the United Kingdom, having abandoned all caution, is faced with 50 thousand daily infections and 200 deaths yesterday. it teaches that we will not get out of this situation in an instant. Even in the exit we will have to leave gradually “.

Migrants, “EU engages with humanitarian corridors”

The premier also addressed the issue of migration. “Italy had promoted a discussion on the issue at the June European Council, with the aim of encouraging a truly European management of flows. Even the countries concerned by the so-called ‘secondary movements’ have noted the importance of preventing and containing irregular flows and to encourage legal migration channels. On the latter aspect, Europe should make more efforts, following the model of the so-called humanitarian corridors, for example, “said Draghi. “It is essential that, already in this Council, the Commission presents clear action plans, adequately financed, and addressed with equal priority to all the routes of the Mediterranean, including the southern one”, he stressed.

Poland-EU clash, “you are not in Europe just out of need”

Another topic dealt with during the reply in the Chamber to the Chamber is the ongoing clash between Poland and the EU. “At the next EU Council we will have a brief exchange of views on Poland. One is not in Europe only because he needs Europe but also because he shares the ideals that are at the basis of the European construction. It is not that the bad guys are condemned because in Brussels there are good people, but because the primacy of the European Court of Justice is a pillar of the European construction “, said Draghi.

Digital transition, “improving collaboration”

On digital cooperation between EU member states, we need to “improve”. “We want to find shared solutions on four fronts: cyber security, competition, digital services and artificial intelligence,” said the premier. While on the cybersecurity front, “our goal is to ensure a clear regulatory framework and identify rapid and coordinated responses”. Draghi then addressed the issue of cryptocurrencies, replying to the Chamber: “We need global cooperation, not just European”.

Ecological transition, “it is not possible without a state”

The European Union “intends to produce 20% of world semiconductor production by 2030. To do this, we must act quickly and decisively. China and the United States are already doing so, each investing tens of billions in this sector”, explained the prime minister. “The state subsidies of China and the United States range from 30 to 60% of the cost of a semiconductor plant. This actually brings to mind a more general point: to make this ecological transition, to make this digital transition, not there are alternatives to state intervention. The state can only be fully committed. Otherwise, if there is no state, these two transitions will not happen “. “This – he stressed – is also valid in relations with other EU countries as regards the many rules that have been suspended at the moment: there will be an opportunity to talk about them again when there are discussions” on this, but it is a “point” basic”.

Climate crisis, EU responsible for 8% of global emissions

On the issue of combating climate change, Draghi instead explained that “without the involvement of the major world economies we will not be able to respect the Paris agreements and contain global warming by one and a half degrees”. “The European Union is responsible for just 8% of global emissions. The G20 countries as a whole produce about three-quarters of the total.”

G20, negotiations for Cop26 in Rome

The climate crisis, for Draghi, “can only be managed if all the major global players decide to act incisively, coordinated and simultaneously”. At the G20 in Rome “we will anticipate some of the negotiations that will take place during the COP26 in Glasgow for which Italy is in partnership with the United Kingdom”, he then announced.

Energy, “Government committed to contain bills”

On the energy front, “the Government has undertaken to contain the rise in bills. Last June we had already allocated 1.2 billion to reduce system charges. A few weeks ago, we intervened further, with more than 3 billion, to calm prices in the last quarter of the year, especially for the weakest segments of the population “, said the premier.

International trade, positive signs on exports

“The European Council will also discuss international trade”, Draghi finally anticipated. “Since the beginning of this year we have seen a robust recovery in trade between countries. This is excellent news, given the weight of exports in our economy. In Italy, the values ​​of goods exported in the second quarter of this year were 5% higher than in the same period two years ago, before the pandemic “.