Draghi: “Investing in schools, young people are at the center of government action”

The Prime Minister visited Its Cuccovillo in Bari. He reiterated the importance of investments in education to the students: “The National Recovery and Resilience Plan puts you and your peers at the center. This is why I have decided to start from here a path that illustrates the PNRR and that in the coming weeks will involve everything. the government”

Prime Minister Mario Draghi visited Its Cuccovillo in Bari. During his speech to young students he said: “In recent months I have been struck by the idealism and dedication of young people. I am thinking of the young diplomats of Tripoli, of the doctors and nurses of Bergamo, of the champions of sport. they write to talk about fears and ambitions. I take a job with you: after years in which Italy has forgotten you, your aspirations and expectations are at the center of government action “. During his speech Draghi reiterated the government’s intention to put young people and school at the center: “Investing in school is a civil duty and an act of social justice. An educational system that does not work fuels inequalities, hinders mobility and it deprives Italy of capable and aware citizens. Not only your future depends on education, but that of all of us. The most prosperous societies are those that prepare their young people best to manage change “, he declared.

“An extraordinary welcome”

“It was a beautiful visit, it was beautiful, the boys are full of warmth, an extraordinary welcome”, commented the president after the visit. “Your institute, thanks to its results, is a point of reference for Puglia and for the higher technical institutes of Italy. Thanks also to the high-level technical and scientific training, this district has become an international excellence for mechatronics . It represents a courageous and avant-garde Southern Italy, in which large foreign investments and small and medium-sized enterprises that want to grow, compete and innovate coexist “.

Its reform: “We will invest a billion and a half”

“The Pnrr puts you and your peers at the center, which is why I decided to start a path that illustrates the Plan from here. We are investing one and a half billion euros to give further impetus to ITS reform. We intend to train new teachers and improve the laboratories that today use 4.0 technologies “, explained the premier. “The resources made available for the South today are unprecedented in recent history. We have to spend this money well, honestly and quickly. The responsibility lies with the Government, but also with the Municipalities and other territorial bodies. The delays in spending, which for too long they have hit the South, they are an obstacle to your freedom and a tax on your future “, said Draghi.

School: “It must prepare young people to manage change”

The premier then added: “Here, as in other institutes, you have shown that you know how to prepare for the future. Every day you are confronted with development and progress. You get to know closely the machines that improve transport safety or that analyze health data. Experience first-hand how much production capacity is important for people’s lives. And how much innovation can make the difference in a territory “. At a national level, employment rates among ITS graduates are very high, Draghi pointed out: “92% find a job that is consistent with their studies. This success is made possible by a training offer that focuses on the most innovative sectors. And which, also thanks to contacts with industry, responds to the needs of businesses and territories “.

“The task of young people is to transform Italy”

The premier then addressed an invitation to young students, entrusting them with the fundamental role of reforming our country: “You young people have the task of transforming Italy. Our job is to put you in a position to do it in the best possible way. Yours is to start imagining the country you want to live in. Get ready to build it, with passion, determination and – why not – a pinch of recklessness “, said Draghi.

“It is necessary to remove obstacles to female talent”

The ITS reform, currently under the attention of the Senate after approval by the Chamber, aims to “align higher technical training with the technological areas of the future, such as sustainable mobility and biotechnologies”, explained Draghi. The intent is to approve it in 2022, together with the reform of technical and professional institutes. “One of our priorities is to close the gender gaps. To date, only 28% of ITS graduates are women “, emphasized the premier.” It is our duty to break down the prejudices and obstacles that still hinder female talent. A challenge that we can only win if we start from school “.” Furthermore – he added – we must increase the number of ITS members in the South. State-of-the-art technical education is essential to reduce youth unemployment, which is much higher in the South. of the Italian and European average. The process of convergence between North and South has been at a standstill for decades “.” Investing in ITS, and more generally in education, research and technology transfer – he concluded – can help get it started again. And to do this, we need to copy virtuous experiences, such as that of your institute “.