Draghi, press conference today: reactions to the premier’s words

The majority parties express their appreciation for the statements of the Prime Minister

The reactions of the majority parties to the words of the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, today in the press conference at the end of the year, mark appreciation for the statements of the premier and for the work of the executive. However, the first concerns are also starting to rebound: the fear is that the absence of Draghi would earthquake the government. Or that, at best, it would turn the executive’s action into ‘let’s get by’.

Sources of the Nazarene appreciate Draghi’s words. The Pd, they explain, shares the opinion on government action and continuation until the natural expiry of the legislature with continuity of government action. On the health situation, the Democratic Party shares the need not to let our guard down by making the measures aimed at containing the damage of the pandemic more rigorous. The Democratic Party is ready to support all measures for safety and public health, assure sources of the Nazarene.

After Draghi’s press conference there League confirms “great appreciation” for the work of the government. There is “concern” for any changes that could create instability, party sources note.

“The 5 Star Movement he appreciated the words of the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, and the work of the government which is respecting, with the fundamental support of Parliament, the programmatic points on which it was born – report sources of the M5S – But there is still a lot of work to be done to do: the state of emergency has just been renewed and the data on infections worry all Italians “.” Above all, we need to continue grounding the PNRR and it is important that a leadership capable of holding together a large and composite majority continues. Therefore, the 5 Star MoVement deems it necessary to continue government action, in order not to leave citizens and institutions in conditions of ‘vacatio’, without a government, which would entail serious problems for everyone “.

Come on Italy confirms the esteem and great appreciation for the difficult work that the Prime Minister is carrying out. For this reason, party sources point out, Forza Italia hopes that the government’s action can continue in the coming months with the necessary continuity and the same energy.