Draghi ‘showman’, says no to an encore and curries those who flirt with Moscow

The premier illustrates the new aid decree and removes every pebble from his shoe, recommending Italians to go and vote

He is a Mario Draghi ‘showman’, who has something for everyone. First of all for Matteo Salvini and Giuseppe Conte, even if the premier tries to fly high and stay out of an electoral campaign in which rags continue to fly. He doesn’t shy away from questions, he resorts to irony – “I came down from above, they catapulted me” – but, above all, he takes every pebble off his shoe. And he reiterates loud and clear to those who show or pretend not to understand that he will not stay at Palazzo Chigi: “no”, his straight, dry answer, to those who ask if there will be an encore.

Before reaching the Marche bent by the wave of bad weather with a dramatic toll of deaths and injuries destined to rise, the premier illustrates the new aid decree launched once again to deal with inflation and higher bill prices in what could be one of its latest press conferences: 14 billion in addition to the 50 already paid out with the previous measures. Calculator in hand, this is the equivalent of “3.5% of GDP” in aid and support, which “places us among the countries that have spent the most in Europe”, he claims, recalling that the government’s effort has an added value: it was done without resorting to the budget gap, clamored by the parties and became a battleground in the electoral campaign.

But the words that reporters expect from the outgoing Prime Minister are above all those onfinancing operation that Moscow would carry out with various European political parties and leaders. Draghi knows it well, he answers the question about the phone call with the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken by peeking at notes, but then he puts his own, when he says with force, the sharp smile on his lips, that Italy is a solid democracy that has nothing to fear. The premier first of all confirms “the absence of Italian political forces in the list of recipients of Russian funding object of the recent journalistic launches”. Word of Blinken and US intelligence, he reports.

“Italian democracy is strong, it is not that it lets itself be killed by external enemies, by their hired puppets. We must be confident in our democracy. We must not be afraid of any voice”. Yet Draghi acknowledges that “in the last twenty years the Russian government, and this is the result of extensive international reconstructions, has carried out a systematic work of corruption in the business sector, the press, politics, in many sectors, in many European countries and in the United. These are known things, there is nothing to be surprised about. “

Although parties and leaders are unrelated to the story of funds from Moscow, the former number one of the ECB, pressed by reporters, reserves a jab to the leader of the League, while not mentioning it. Not the only one among other things, because also on the budget variance and on the Carroccio’s failure to vote on the fiscal proxy – “he has not kept his word” – certainly he does not send them to say. But the real jab is on Moscow. “There are those who talk secretly with the Russians, who want to lift the sanctions. There is also him” in the electoral campaign, “but the majority of Italians do not and do not want to do it. I look to the majority and to the government who had the honor of presiding “, the thrust, which also arrives on the day in which the League in CDM votes against the legislative decree that provides for the mapping of state-owned concessions – among the pillars of the competition reform -, therefore also of the beaches.

But Draghi seems to have some for it too With you. “In international relations – he says in fact, speaking of the conflict in Ukraine – we need to be transparent, we need consistency in international positions, not reversals or twists”. “You can’t – he says – vote in favor of sending weapons to Ukraine and then say that you don’t agree; or even worse, take pride in the Ukrainian advance after you are against sending weapons: you wanted who defended himself with his bare hands? “, he asks and seems to address those who have built the political battles and the narrative of recent months on the no to rearmament.

Sui relations with Giorgia Meloni, Draghi also wands journalists: “continue to embroider”, he cuts short before closing the press conference. But even on the leader of Fdi – given by the polls now one step away from Palazzo Chigi – Draghi does not hide his critical point of view. And he does so when asked about the European Parliament’s slamming on Viktor Orban and about potential damage to our country with a future center-right government allied to the Hungarian leader.

“We have a certain vision ofEurope – he says – we defend the rule of law together with our allies, who are France, Germany …. What will the future government do I don’t know, but I asked myself ‘how is it that you choose your partners?’. On the basis of a certain ideological commonality of course, but another consideration that should be made is that of choosing partners who allow us to defend the interests of Italians. What are the partners that help me protect the interests of Italians? What are these partners? Here, give yourselves some answers “.

Also on the Pnrr, which Fdi and Lega ask to be updated in light of the new emergencies, Draghi is clear: “Almost everything has been banned, there is little to review”. The message that the premier delivers to those who will arrive after him is to “continue with determination” in the implementation of the “largest channel we have of public investment”.

Meanwhile promotes his ministers with full marks: “the government has worked well because it could count on excellent ministers, I would see the confirmation of all of them” because “they will work and work equally well” in any executive. All except him, the primus inter pares, who at Palazzo Chigi is not at all willing to stay. He reiterates this on the eve of the vote in the States, when the hourglass of time that saw him at the head of the government has almost finished his run. He recommends the Italians to go and vote“it’s the most important thing of all” before the curtain falls.