Draghi’s legacy: democracy and a strong country, the call to vote

“In international relations we need to be transparent, we need consistency, not overturns and twists and turns”

It may be the last press conference in Italy before the elections. Mario Draghi he uses it to return to show the way forward, betting on the strength of democracy and the strength of the country. Themes and high tones to address a real appeal to the Italians: “The important thing is that everyone goes to vote, this is the most important thing of all”. He says this when he has to answer a question about the climate of the election campaign and he does it before and after other answers that, put together, describe the legacy he leaves to those who come after him.

Words are carefully chosen. Even in the passages in which he chooses to highlight the distortions, inconsistencies and dangers of those looking for alternative routes. First he says that “Italian democracy is strong, it does not let itself be beaten by external enemies and their hired puppets” and that “we must be confident in our democracy and we must not be afraid of voices”. Then, he sinks: “There are those who speak secretly with the Russians, who want to lift the sanctions. There is also him “in the electoral campaign,” but the majority of Italians do not do it and do not want to do it. I look to the majority of Italians and to the government that I had the honor of presiding “.

In Draghi’s vision, on the one hand there is the country that works and on the other there are the factors that risk weakening it. Starting from the international location. “The sanctions work, we must continue” together with “support for Ukraine until it wins the liberation war of its country. This has been the line of my government, I cannot anticipate what it will be” in the future, “in the center-right there are several points “. And, even in this case, it goes even further. “In international relations we need to be transparent, we need coherence, not overturns and turns. On Ukraine and the sending of weapons, one cannot vote for weapons and then say no, take pride in the Ukrainian advance when one is voted against sending weapons, did you want them to defend themselves with their bare hands? This makes a country’s international prestige, the lack of consistency and transparency weakens a country “. In New York, where it will fly in the next few days, says the premier,” I will talk about the country I live today, a strong country, loyal to the Atlantic Alliance and to Europe, which has been able to carry out a maneuver in support of the economy without debt, which has been able to make GDP grow: this is the country I bring. There are many people who share this vision and there are people who oppose it in this electoral campaign. I do not share this always negative view of the future “.

Then there are the things done and those that remain to be done. Regardless of the outcome of the elections. To those who ask if there is still room for a government of national unity, after replying curtly ‘no’ to the hypothesis of a new Draghi government, he replies: “I have no idea what the vote will produce, these evaluations could be important afterwards. . For the future I am very confident, I am confident for the Italians, so that they produce growth, we are better off the weakest and inequalities are addressed. There is a lot to do, this government has started some things, it has faced emergencies, there is there is a lot to do for the next government “. It is a legacy that, at the same time, helps those who come after him and increases their responsibilities. (from Fabio Insenga)