Draghi’s message: the emergency does not stop the reforms

Responding to the Question time in the House, mainly on the Ukrainian crisis, the prime minister reiterates the need to reform the land registry. “No more taxes will be paid on regularly stacked properties”. Majority meetings on fiscal delegation to avoid other incidents in the Commission. Ok of the Senate, meanwhile, to the procurement bill

Aula Camera, question time. Mario Draghi replies, the climate is of great concern for the war in Ukraine and the consequences for our country, the questions of the parliamentarians are almost all about this. But there is also room for other issues, such as the land registry reform that has put a lot of pressure on the majority in recent days. The question comes from the opposition of the Brothers of Italy, convinced that after two years of pandemic and with the international crisis it is appropriate to put aside the reform. Draghi’s response is clear-cut. “The question of him – says the premier addressing the group leader Francesco Lollobrigida – reveals a profound misunderstanding: since there is an emergency we must stay still. This government was not born to sit still “. Draghi clarified that” the intervention of the proxy law does not lead to any increase in taxation on regularly stacked properties. Stacked up, to then conclude: nobody will pay more taxes for this. ‘credibility about not charging taxes this government has earned it, after all ”.

At what point is the tax reform

However, the issue remains troubled for the government majority. So much so that during the week there will be no other votes in the House on the tax proxy after the examination of the change to the land registry, passed by a single vote and with a split majority.

And so in an attempt to alleviate the tension, a series of majority meetings were convened until Friday for a discussion on other issues of the delegation: from Irap, to Irpef to the subsidized VAT regimes. The objective is to focus on the priorities of each political force and find a synthesis to simplify the so far tortuous process of the provision in the Finance Committee.

Change of method

At the moment, therefore, the commitment on the part of everyone is to prevent it from happening again when it happens on the subject of the land registry. Once the majority meetings have been concluded, the Ministry of the Economy should take stock and then redefine the calendar for next week, perhaps starting from the issues on which there is greater convergence. The climate has improved, I see a real change of pace – says the minister for relations with the Parliament Federico d’Incà.

Ok to procurement bill

Meanwhile, the majority closed without incident the vote in the Senate on the proxy bill on public contracts, the so-called procurement bill, with 197 votes in favor, 24 against and 2 abstentions. The measure is now being examined by the Chamber.