“Dragons most influential leader of Europe”

The site ‘Politico.eu’ writes this in an analysis of the Italian situation

“The most powerful person in Europe is Mario Draghi. By governing Italy as a technocrat, he gave a firm hand to national politics. But he is also a leader who could drag the country into the heart of European affairs“. The site ‘Politico.eu’ writes this in an analysis of the Italian situation.” Italians are not used to seeing their prime ministers remain in office for a long time, but many hope that Mario Draghi will prove to be the exception. This is because the former head of the European Central Bank has given a firm hand to national politics in Rome, keeping the country in balance as it tries to get out of the pandemic by promoting a series of economic reforms. ”

With Draghi, who “is not aligned with any party”, Italy “has a leader who can drag the country into the heart of European affairs” and Angela Merkel’s departure “opens up a space for him as the de facto leader of the EU, at least as far as economic affairs are concerned. This will be especially true if Draghi manages to cement a working alliance with French President Emmanuel Macron and Merkel’s successor Olaf Scholz, creating a centrist trio that could drastically change Europe’s march. “

Italy, recalls ‘Politico’, is the recipient “of the largest tranche of the European Commission’s NextGenerationEU recovery fund. It is on track to receive 191.5 billion euros in grants and loans in exchange for the implementation of a series of reforms that Brussels hopes will put the country on the path to growth “. If Draghi succeeds “where so many prime ministers have run aground, he could be remembered as the one who has finally found the recipe to bring out the country from more than 20 years of economic stagnation. Equally important, it will have demonstrated the effectiveness of the EU’s decision to issue joint debt to help countries recover from the coronavirus crisis. “