Drama Coming to Beautiful: Steffy and Finn’s glee is bound to end soon

Drama coming to Beautiful: Steffy and Finn’s glee is bound to end soon; what will happen in the next episodes of the soap.

Finally ‘Sinn’ are back! After a few weeks of absence, in the episodes of Beautiful broadcast in Italy we have reviewed Steffy Forrester and his partner Finn.

Steffy and Finn (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

The two had momentarily left the scene due to the pregnancy of the actress who lends her face to Steffy, the splendid Jacqueline McInnes Wood. And, speaking of pregnancy, even in fiction the young Forrester is pregnant and, in yesterday’s episode, the sex of the baby: it is a boy. An immense joy for the couple and for grandfather Ridge, who already dreams of having a new little stylist in the family. But beware: Steffy and Finn’s happiness isn’t going to last long. Something is about to happen that will change their lives forever.

Beautiful, Steffy and Finn are expecting a boy but a drama is coming for them

Steffy and Finn form one of the most loved couples in the history of Beautiful. After the endless back and forth with Liam Spencer, fans are delighted that young Forrester has finally found stable love and a special man like the doctor. In the soap opera, however, we know that unexpected events are around the corner and the one coming for the couple is a big problem. Which has a name and a surname.

It is about Sheila Carter, which is about to return to the soap to wreak havoc. The ruthless foe of the Forresters has combined all sorts of things over the years and the same will happen on her last visit to Los Angeles. When will she reappear? Right in the middle of Steffy and Finn’s wedding, ruining the magic moment with the announcement of some shocking news: Sheila is Finn’s biological mother. News that will shock everyone and panic Steffy, who wants absolutely no relationship with a woman who has caused so much suffering to her family. Too bad, however, that she too is part of the family of her partner …

A complicated situation that will lead to several clashes between the two women, up to the tragic shooting in The Garden: Sheila will want to hit Steffy but by mistake she will shoot her own son, Finn. Everyone will believe that the doctor is dead and a truly dramatic period will begin for Ridge’s daughter, who will flee to Europe to recover from mourning.

drama beautiful steffy finn
Sheila Carter (Instagram Credits)

The big twist, however, is that Finn is alive, thanks to the intervention of his adoptive mother Li, who will treat him in a secret room, in the dark. What will happen when Sheila finds out about the existence of this chamber? Keep following us for all the previews.