Drama Hulk Hogan: ‘He can’t feel his legs anymore’

Kurt Angle’s revelation on his podcast

Hulk Hogan lost feeling in his legs. His friend Kurt Angle revealed it, as we read on the DailyMail.com, according to which the wrestler, following back surgery, lost sensation in the lower part of his body and must use a cane to walk.

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) legend Angle, 54, revealed his longtime friend’s illness on his podcast last week. He said Hogan, 69, can’t feel anything below his waist, but that he now walks with a cane, suggesting he still has some use for his legs.

The six-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion appeared last week in Philadelphia at the 30th anniversary of WWE Raw, actually taking the stage without the aid of a cane.

Injuries are not uncommon among WWE champions, many of whom have seen their careers cut short by devastating blows to the back, head and neck, to name a few.

Hogan has spoken candidly about past surgeries to repair injuries sustained in the ring. As of 2021, her daughter Brooke said she underwent a total of 25 surgeries. “My knees are fake, my hips are fake, my back is full of metal, and part of my face is full of metal,” she said.