Drama Pinuccia of Men and Women, the shocking confession arrives: 14 years of pain

Pinuccia Della Giovanna of Men and Women hides a pain that the channel 5 small screen audience has never imagined before. Her words will blow you away.

Pinuccia of Men and Women (Source: Youtube) – sologossip

Pinuccia Della Giovanna for some seasons now she has become one of the undisputed protagonists of the Throne Over of Men and Women. His presence certainly did not go unnoticed in the Elios studios in Rome, not only for his friendship with the knight Alessandro, but also for his constant discussions with Tina Cipollati who on more than one occasion accused her of being a person arrogant and mean.

“You are a layer! Go and take the train to Vigevano! – Tina had said some time ago in the studio, making Pinuccia burst into tears – False hypocrite! She has wickedness in her soul!”

Pinuccia has moreover divided the public as never before, as there are those who think like Maria De Filippi’s irreverent commentator and those who believe that they are very wrong. One thing is certain, however: the lady of the female parterre hides within herself a deep pain which he never spoke of during his stay at the Elios study center in Rome, but which he chose to confide to his faithful supporters through the pages of the magazine for men and women.

Men and Women, Pinuccia Della Giovanna displaces: the sad confession about her childhood”

Pinuccia Della Giovanna told the microphones of the Men and Women magazine that he did not have a simple childhood, but quite the opposite, as it was orphan and for this reason he spent part of his life in an orphanage.

Pinuccia UeD
Pinuccia in the studio at Men and Women (Credit: Youtube) – sologossip

I was an orphan and lived in an orphanage for fourteen years the bitter enemy of Tina Cipollari told for the first time during the course of the interview, probably also revealing the reasons why over the years she has decided to show off a very hard armor on the outside in order to protect her feelings.

That period marked her deeply and created a void within her which she then managed to fill through the love of family which has built up over the years to come and now Pinuccia Della Giovanna to Men and Women she is ready to once again find someone by her side who makes her heart beat.