Dramatic tragedy after Lives on the Limit: impressive loss, what happened

Dramatic tragedy for the patient of Vite al Limite after the program: painful loss, what exactly happened.

What happened to Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient is truly impressive. Joined Lives on the Limit in the course of her fourth season, the 34-year-old from Oxford was the protagonist of a dramatic tragedy just out of her career. Let’s proceed with order!

Dramatic tragedy after life on the edge: shock loss, what happened. Photo Source: Youtube

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It was exactly 2016 when, for the first time ever, the 34-year-old from Oxford decided to participate in Vite al Limite to ask Dr. Nowzaradan for help due to his heavy weight. A little over thirty years old, the woman reached almost 300 kg. And she was forced to live a life which, unfortunately, did not satisfy her at all. It is precisely for this reason, therefore, that he wanted to participate in the transmission of the US channel TLC: he absolutely wanted to get back in shape! Unfortunately, his career in the Houston clinic did not bring great results. On the web, in fact, it is said that the woman has lost just over 50 kg. And that, after his journey, he even sued the program. Unfortunately, the bad news did not end there at all. After taking part in the show, Dr. Now’s patient starred in a terrible tragedy.

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Horrendous tragedy in Lives on the Limit: very painful mourning, what happened

One thing is certain: after her participation in the program, the Vite al Limite patient would never have expected a huge tragedy! After her journey in the Houston clinic, which as we said was not at all satisfactory at best, the thirty-four-year-old was the protagonist of a shock mourning. We are talking about her: Dottie Perkins, patient of Dr. Now during the fourth season of Lives on the Limit.

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On the web, in fact, we read that the beautiful Perkins, once her experience in the Real Time docu-reality was over, had to face a shock mourning: the death of her son due to a cerebral paresis. An impressive tragedy, as we can clearly understand. And which, of course, has strongly influenced it.

dramatic tragedy lives on the edge
Photo Source: Instagram

This shot reproduced above dates back to exactly 2018. And it is clear that, compared to the Dottie of 2016, the woman has drastically changed!