Drew Barrymore sports all-natural beauty: what the actress looks like without makeup

Drew Barrymore sports all-natural beauty – seeing the actress without makeup will leave you speechless.

He’s a movie star, Drew Barrymore she is famous all over the world and her notoriety began when she was only a child, indeed, when she was still in diapers. She in fact she at 11 months she was chosen to advertise dog food.

Have you ever seen natural Drew Barrymore? Without makeup, the actress leaves fans speechless (Credits: instagram)

At the age of 7, he starred in Steven Spielberg’s ET film. A recent film that sees her among the protagonists is A Castle for Christmas, available from November 2021 on Netflix. She plays the role of herself. But do you remember all the movies we saw her in? They are numerous: Alter Ego, Something Extraordinary, Bad Girl, Write Me a Song, My Worst Enemy, Batman Forever, About Women, Illusions, Everyone Says I Love You, and the list doesn’t end there, but it’s very very long. . Like all characters in the world of entertainment, she also has an instagram profile. There are over 15 million followers and thousands of photos shared. In particular, looking around we notice that there are many videos. Right on her social channel, Drew Barrymoore does not hide behind instagram filters or make up and also shows himself natural.

Drew Barrymore shows herself natural and leaves fans speechless: breathtaking beauty

Also Drew Barrymoore like almost all the characters in the world he has an instagram profile. Her channel has over 15 million followers and this impressive following proves how much she is loved.

A love that surrounds her from all over the world as she is famous worldwide. Her career began when she was just a child. In fact, she was only 11 years old when she starred in the film of one of the most important directors Steven Spilberg, precisely in her ET she Today she boasts an incredible curriculum, having played many characters both in cinema and on television. Returning to the social issue, the actress doesn’t hide behind instagram filters or make up. Have you seen it in its natural state?

drew barrymore without makeup
Credits. instagram

It doesn’t seem like there are any major differences. Drew Barrymoore looks beautiful even without makeup. He has a very bright face and big eyes catch the eye. At the bottom of this shot came thousands of compliments. Soapy water is wonderful too!