Drones, in Italy reached 60 thousand operators, technical and construction services are growing

Market in difficulty but with positive forecasts, the seventh Rome Drone Conference kicks off tomorrow. Castro: “Lights and shadows for the Uas sector”

There are about 60 thousand (59,901) operators in the drone sector in Italy today according to the latest data from the National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) and, in a market that still suffers “difficulties and slowness in the regulatory and bureaucratic field” the forecasts however, they are of “significant growth in the near future”. According to the first data of the ‘Italy of drones’ survey released today, the use of drones for technical services such as aerial photogrammetry, building and industrial surveys, monitoring of large networks is growing in our country. and precision agriculture. Training and consultancy activities such as training centers, technical documentation, courses follow with 17% of the answers. “There are still no reliable data on the drone market in Italy and therefore, with this survey, we have tried to ‘photograph’ the current situation of the Uas sector in Italy, characterized by lights and shadows” monitoring “the ‘sentiment’ of operators and companies “explains Luciano Castro, president of Rome Drone Conference, the reference professional event in the Unmanned Aerial Systems (Uas) sector and which tomorrow returns to Rome for the seventh edition at the European University of Rome and in live streaming and in the course of which more details of the ‘photo’ on Italy of drones will also be announced.

According to the survey, which 180 professionals answered online and organized by Aopa Italia-Divisione Apr, Roma Drone Conference and Quadricottero News, regarding the professional applications of drones, 24% of the sample uses them for video footage for TV, cinema, journalism, events but analysts note that this is a sector “characterized by a large number of ‘illegal’ who fly without respecting the rules”. The research also shows that 13% of the uses of drones in Italy concern the operational services sector such as material spreading, sample collection, freight transport, piloting on behalf of third parties. According to the research, moreover, the entry into force last January of the new European and Italian Regulations on drones still had uncertain effects on the national market: for 25% of the sample it improved it in terms of economic dimension and operational clarity, for 21 , 6% blocked it due to shortages and bureaucratic delays, for 17% it made it worse, while for 26.7% it was irrelevant.

On the other hand, the forecasts for the future of the UAS sector in Italy are optimistic: for 54.5% of the sample the evolution of the market will be increasing, for 13.1% very growing, while for 21% it will be stationary and 8, 5% waning. The photo taken by the survey will be at the center of the comparison at the ‘Rome Drone Conference 2021’ which will see the participation of the leading experts of the Italian drone community who will take stock of the development and prospects of this sector in the technological and application fields. “Roma Drone Conference 2021” is organized by Ifimedia and Mediarkè, in collaboration with Enac, Aopa Italia-Apr Division and the European University of Rome. The event dedicated to drones will be divided into two sessions: the first relating to the situation of the drone market today in Italy, while the second on the future prospects of Advanced Air Mobility with the use of drones and electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft for the transport of people and goods. The main sponsor is D-Flight, the sponsor is Leonardo, while the partner companies are Aerovision, Augusto Derghi Consultant, Cabi Broker, DroneFly.Shop, FlyToDiscover, MicroGeo, ReD Tech and TopView. Media partners are Quadricottero News, Drone Blog News, Drone Channel Tv, FlyEurope.tv, Vfr Aviation and Eventpage.it.