Drones, over 20 potential investors for first round of Stradaai financing

U-space will soon be in Italy, in 2023 1,500,000 unmanned aircraft will be registered in Europe, 90,000 are already flying in Italy.

Over 20 potential investors gathered at the Rome headquarters of Tonucci&Partners to participate in the first investment round of STRADAai, the innovative start-up that deals with the ‘dynamic’ management of drone flights in Italy and Europe. “Today more than ever – explained Giulio Segurini, founder and CEO of STRADAai – drones are taking on a fundamental role in our society: they will soon take care of deliveries, inspection and monitoring of infrastructures, security and control”. Segurini recalled that “Enac recently announced that the U-SPace will soon be established in Italy, i.e. the airspace dedicated to drones. Our platform, Enterprise Drone Planning, wants to make the flight of drones easy, helping operators in all the necessary authorization and documentation processes, also offering services in the management of the fleet and flight operations”.

From Easa-European Union Aviation Safety Agency data it emerges that 1,500,000 drones will be registered in Europe by 2023 and around 90,000 in Italy. According to estimates, in 2030 there will be almost 3 million drones in European skies and 164,000 in Italian skies. “It is clear – added Simone Menicucci, founder and Head of Regulatory Affairs of STRADAai – that this is a market with enormous potential. The legislation on the control of drone flights is now a reality and in fact any drone operator who wants to work on The U-space interior is obliged to rely on a supplier who offers specific services”. “STRADAai, thanks also to the collaboration with our US partner Aloft which manages 90% of the drone flight authorization market in the US, has the only platform ready to offer all the necessary services right now” he added.

The start-up is followed by the Tonucci&Partners firm as sole advisor for investment operations, “supporting – explained Giorgio Altieri, partner of Tonucci&Partners – the innovation and ambition of STRADAai at a European and international level”. “We believe a lot in this project – he added – our goal is for STRADAai to become a leader in this new scenario of activities carried out with drones, not only in Italy and Europe but also in the African and Middle Eastern markets”.