Drought, corn production collapses by 60% in Emilia Romagna

The alarm of the Italian CIA-Farmers

The maize campaign in Emilia Romagna is disastrous, one of the regions with the largest areas cultivated with maize. The first threshing has just begun, confirming a harvest that has more than halved, if not non-existent, in areas where it was not possible to irrigate. This is the alarm launched by the CIA-Italian Farmers of Emilia Romagna which, in the light of the data reported by its members, confirms a drastic drop in production essentially due to drought.

“The loss is on average at least 60% of the harvest – laments Stefano Francia, president of Cia Emilia Romagna – and this situation casts a shadow on future sowing. With these conditions it is difficult for farmers to focus on this cereal again, especially for the investment they had to sustain in terms of production costs that will not be repaid ”.

“Corn is an important crop for the zootechnical and agro-energy supply chain, but the absence of rain has compromised its maturation with an almost non-existent production of grain. This cereal – comments France – has high water requirements and also those who have had the opportunity to intervening with irrigation has achieved poor performance. The high energy costs also limit relief interventions. Furthermore, the chopped product for bioenergy plants has low calorific value due to the inconsistency of the grain, the main element capable of developing more energy in biodigesters “. In some areas the threshers will not even enter the field while those who have already begun to harvest have barely obtained productions of 50 quintals per hectare.