Drought Italy 2022, 10 rules to save water at home

From taps to household appliances, the Legambiente Lazio vademecum

Waterfall precious asset to be preserved. Here are 10 good daily practices to face, through virtuous collective behaviors, the Drought which is affecting theItaly in these weeks of spring-summer 2022.

“The climate changes that we have unleashed with climate-altering emissions have led us to a new and long period of extreme drought, without snow in winter and rain in spring and summer – comments Roberto Scacchi president of Legambiente Lazio – once again we must remember to how absolute priority is the abatement of emissions and the saving of water, a precious and not infinite good: we will have to learn to live with these water crises and it is therefore necessary to change the model of use and management of the resource. A generous collective response is necessary , made up of an indispensable change in the daily behavior of everyone but also of rules through which to fight the lack of water and prepare ourselves for extreme droughts, which will come with ever greater frequency and violence “.

Below is the decalogue for citizenship developed by Legambiente Lazio.

1) Domestic appliances – use washing machines and dishwashers only with full loads.

2) Wash – Wash dishes, fruit and vegetables in a basin and not in running water: this saves about 6,000 liters of drinking water per year.

3) Reuse – Wash the dishes with pasta cooking water: it is an excellent degreaser that can be used together with detergents, thus reducing the quantities used.

4) Taps and fittings – Install nozzle devices and flow limiters in the taps, where they are missing, guaranteeing a lower water consumption of 6,000 liters per year in a family of three.

5) Personal hygiene – turn off the taps while shaving or brushing your teeth. This saves approximately 2,500 liters of water per person per year.

6) Toilet drain – Install and make the best use of the smart toilet with dual flushing: the flush cistern has an average volume of about 10 liters and using the one with two different volumes of water (3/4 liters and 6/9 liters) , depending on the needs, it will save about 100 liters of water per day, 35,000 liters per year in each user.

7) Shower instead of bath – Choose the shower to save 1,200 liters of drinking water per year, filling the tub involves four times more water consumption than the shower.

8) Leaks in the house – Repair all leaks (from taps, toilet cisterns, etc.), even if they are apparently insignificant. Thanks to this practice it is possible to save in a year a quantity of water equal to approximately 21,000 liters for leaks from the tap and approximately 52,000 liters if the slow but constant flow of water from the toilet is blocked.

9) Consumption monitoring – periodically checking the meter is the best way to immediately notice ‘invisible’ leaks.

10) Food – eat consciously and responsibly, considering not only the water you drink but also that used to produce food. For 1 kg of beef, for example, about 15,000 liters of water are needed, for 1 kg of lettuce 130 liters.