Drugs, cocaine traffic is growing in the EU: at least 10 billion euros a year

“The extremely worrying numbers” reported by the European Commissioner for Internal Affairs Ylva Johansson

“Cocaine trafficking in the EU is growing, estimated at at least 10 billion euros, profits that go directly to organized criminal groups. The numbers are extremely worrying”. This was stated by the European Commissioner for Internal Affairs Ylva Johansson, visiting the Flemish port of Antwerp, in Belgium, one of the main entry points of the white powder into the European continent (110 tons were seized in 2022, outclassing the nearby Rotterdam hub , in the Netherlands).

“The consequences – continues Johansson – are all too clear: in Sweden last year there were 90 bomb attacks, 380 shootings with 61 deaths. And drugs are behind all this”. The commissioner also recalls that in more and more countries, such as Belgium, politicians have to go around with an escort due to threats received from criminal groups. “While the violence is brutal – she continues – the tactics are incredibly sophisticated. Today the threat that organized crime poses to society – she concludes – is as great as that of terrorism”.