Dry Cleaning brings the new generation of British post-punk to Chile on May 17

Dry Cleaningone of the most striking bands on the British scene today, will land for the first time in our country on May 17, the day they will go up to present their music on the stage of the underground club as part of Stgo Fusion Cycle.

This tour will serve to show in society his second and last studio work, stumpwork, released just in October 2022 through the well-known 4AD label. There are 11 songs that have lyrics written by his voice and leader, florence shaw.

It is precisely Shaw one of the mainstays of his musical explosion: his way of interpreting mixes passages of recitation and others of singing, achieving a mix that has no comparison in other groups of his generation. This has already been shown live at major festivals and even on television, such as the show Jimmy Fallon.

Regarding the sound, the English music is clearly influenced by the movement of the 70s and 80s, but with a much fresher and more polished sound, far from lo-fi.

A striking mix that brings to life a scene that had been dormant for decades, especially by adding elements from other worlds such as jangle pop.

The rest of the band consists of lewis maynard in the bass, tom dowse on the guitar and nick buxton on drums and keyboards, all influenced by the big names that paved the way, such as Joy Division either Siouxie and the Banshees.

Tickets to see the quartet They are for sale through Puntoticket with the following values:

Presale: $30,000 until Sunday March 12

  • Overall: 35,000
  • At the door: 40,000

*Values ​​do not include service charge