Dua Lipa, ends badly: very bad episode for the singer

Dua Lipa, ends badly: very bad episode for the singer; what happened to the British star of Albanian origin.

He is one of the most loved music stars in the world, with over 85 million followers on Instagram and a host of fans. In the last few hours, however, the name of Dua Lipa ended up in the spotlight for a very bad episode.

Dua Lipa (Instagram Credits)

It all happened during the concert in Toronto of the British artist of Albanian origins, held last Wednesday 27 July 2022: real moments of terror among those present at the musical event. Let’s find out what happened.

Very bad episode for Dua Lipa: what happened during her concert

On Friday night, Dua Lipa was in the midst of her performance at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto when the unthinkable happened. In the crowd several fireworks have exploded, brought inside the structure by some spectators. Spectators who, of course, somehow managed to evade the controls and introduce the fires into the arena. The explosion indoors inevitably created the panic in the audience: in the videos circulated on the web, viewers are seen running in various directions to take shelter. According to TMZ reports, three people were reportedly injuredbut fortunately in a mild way: they were rescued by the doctors who were on site and did not need further medical attention.

In the images, it seems that Dua Lipa did not notice anything, the explosion having occurred on the floor, quite from the stage, where, according to the stories of some present, the pop star was performing her last piece in the lineup. Through social media, however, after a few hours the singer expressed her deep regret for what happened. “Creating an inclusive and safe space for my viewers is always my priority, and my team and I are shocked and confused by the events, as you all are, ”he wrote in his Instagram Stories. The star announced that there is an investigation underway to shed light on the events and find out how the accident could have occurred. And, above all, the culprits. According to what we read on the BBC website, many of the fans would have told on social media that the controls, at the entrance, were not particularly strict, as regards the baggage brought into the structure.

“Bringing this show to life for my fans was such an amazing experience and I’m so deeply sorry for anyone who’s been afraid, he felt insecure or his fun during the show was ruined in some way, ”the 26-year-old added in her social media message.

dua lipa very bad episode
Dua Lipa on Instagram (Instagram Credits)

We just have to wait for any updates and information on the unpleasant episode that took place during the Future Nostalgia Tour, the fifth musical tour by Dua Lipa, which will end in November 2022.