Dua Lipa was sued for what she posted on Instagram

Bad news for Dua Lipa: a photographer denounced her for having published photos without the necessary authorization.

Social media and the web in general frequently represent the place where legal disputes arise for the most diverse reasons. One of these is certainly the copyright which often, knowingly or not, is not respected. That property doesn’t have to be from celebrities either and just for such an episode Dua Lipa was reported.

Dua Lipa sued for what she posted on Instagram (Credits: Instagram)

The famous British singer has in fact posted on Instagram some photos taken by a photographer without paying royalties and he has decided to bring it in court. It is not the first time that Dua Lipa has made a similar mistake. With the same accusation, some time ago the pop star was called to answer before the law also by the Integral Images.

Just like the photographer, also according to this agency, the artist would have used, without having the right to, some shots to advertise and obtain an increase in popularity. This would have unfairly taken advantage of the exclusive owners of those images.

Dua Lipa sued: she shouldn’t have published those photos

The photographer who is now courting Dua Lipa is Robert Barbera. The man is the same man who sued Ariana Grande twice, again for a copyright issue. Not even Justin Bieber was spared but with the singer they reached an agreement without going to court.

Returning to the case of Dua Lipa, the photos that the singer should not have posted were taken by him and date back to July 2018. In the complaint it reads: “Defendant voluntarily selected, copied, archived and displayed all copyrighted photographs belonging to plaintiff.”

According to Barbera, those shots would have contributed to the popularity of the singer’s social profile, which would therefore have unjustly earned from the work of others. However, Barbera would try to find a peaceful solution outside the court. However, it seems that the negotiations with the pop star’s staff did not go ahead.

Dua Lipa denounced
Credits: Instagram

Waiting to find out how the matter will be resolved, what do you think? What solution would be fairer in such a case?