Dubai, Linda Batista: attacked for defending a homosexual

Lots of fear and 40 stitches on the face. Bad misadventure, in Dubai, for the Brazilian actress Linda Batista, attacked and beaten for defending a homosexual boy. To tell the story, and to publish a video in which the bloody face of the woman is seen, is the paparazzo Maurizio Sorge.

The aggression

Batista is in the United Arab Emirates to shoot a movie. In connection with Italian stories she said: “I went to dinner with some Italian friends. I was with several people including a boy, a person of a unique kindness and education. At a certain point some guys arrived who started to look at him in a provocative way and to insult him. Then they pushed him. I was unable to stay on the sidelines and intervened ”.

The arrest

“They pushed me and hit me on the head with a bottle,” Batista continues. “I lost consciousness and I don’t remember anything, but who was present told me that a woman from the group continued to beat me and hit me in the face with the heel of her shoe.” Linda Batista clarified that “there were cameras everywhere in the room” and that police investigations are underway. The woman, responsible for the attack on the actress, was “Promptly arrested and then released”.