Duby (Decathlon): “Goal 100% eco-designed products”

The Decathlon Group sustainable development manager, on the sidelines of the meeting in Sallanches which saw the presentation of the guidelines related to sustainable development

“Decathlon has already started thinking about sustainability since the 90s because at the base, behind the production, there is the concept of responsibility and the will to also analyze the impact of a product. Since 1992, in fact, the company has created the first eco-packaging, a production that has then increased over the years. The aim of Decathlon is, therefore, to achieve 100% of the production of eco-designed products”. These are the words of Raffaele Duby, sustainable development manager Decathlon Group, on the sidelines of the meeting in Sallanches which saw the presentation of the lines guidelines related to sustainable development.

Duby then focused on the definition of ecodesign, explaining that the concept is strongly linked to “considering the impact of a product right from the start of its conception: from the choice of raw materials to the end of its life, considering all the intermediates, such as production, use and exploitation of the product”.

It is therefore clear that the main objective of Decathlon is to create a solid compatibility between sport and environmental care, as also underlined by Duby himself, who citing Horizon Europe, Heu, the European Framework Program for Research and Innovation for the period 2021-2027, he specified: “To achieve this goal through the eco-design conception and planning of products that respect the environmental limits of Horizon 26”.