Dune 2, Josh Brolin confirms filming in July

The latest edition of the Oscars gave fans the opportunity to review together some of the main performers of Dunesa film that stood out in the past film season, whose sequel is expected in the fall of 2023. One confirmation onstart of shooting it came from Josh Brolin who in an interview revealed a background of the meeting in Los Angeles with set colleague Javier Bardem. The two, both confirmed for the sequel in the previous roles, have joked about the need to get back in shape quickly since the set awaits them for next summer, more precisely for the month of July.

Josh Brolin on a diet ahead of filming in July

Director Denis Villeneuve, who since the release of the first chapter of Dunes did nothing but answer questions about the follow-up to his adaptation of the Frank Herbert novel, he had already anticipated that the start of work on Dunes 2 it had been set for summer. However, the times must have been further shortened, according to what Josh Brolin a Collider. The actor said in his interview that he only knew in March that he had to officially return to production and that the director told him that the sequel it will be a film full of action and fighting.
Brolin confessed that he panicked and immediately started a diet to be able to re-enter the stage costumes worn three years ago in the best possible way. His concern was shared at the Oscars with Javier Bardem, also visibly fattened. The two, who compared their bellies, agreed on the need to run for cover in view of the scheduled call-up to the set for next July.

Dunes 2: what do we know

Both Brolin and Bardem played two notable characters in Dunes. The first is Gurney Halleck, master of arms of the Atreides house and mentor of Paul / Timothée Chalamet; the second, is Stilgarthe leader of the Fremen native of the planet Arrakis and both will be part of the second chapter of the story which, according to Villeneuve’s intentions, could also be told in three parts.
While the length of the story is still a point to be decided, the presence of Austin Butler, in talks for a role of villain until a few weeks ago. Also about the addition to the cast of Florence Pugh for the role of Princess Irulan, fans are waiting for confirmations that may come, at this point, sooner than expected.