“During the illness …”: Elisabetta Gregoraci remembers her mother, backstage from chills

“During the illness…”: Elisabetta Gregoraci remembers her mother, the creepy background that not everyone knows.

There is no interview in which Elisabetta Gregoraci do not dedicate sweet words to her. Mother Melina she passed away in June 2011, after fighting breast cancer for 14 years. An immense pain for the Calabrian showgirl, who was very attached to her.

Elisabetta Gregoraci (Credits Mediaset Play)

And in a long interview with the weekly Gente, a few months ago, Elisabetta spoke again about her beloved mother, told a particular background that not everyone knows. Thrilling words, those of the presenter, which did not go unnoticed and touched everyone; following her statements in detail.

Elisabetta Gregoraci remembers her mother: “It was devastating”

“During the illness she got closer and closer to faith. Even if he suffered so much, if he lived moments of pain and fear, the devotion to Our Lady never failed ”. Elisabetta Gregoraci told people about it, talking about her mother and the long illness she had to face. A terrible battle, but, even in her darkest moments, mother Melina never lost her faith, also passing it on to her daughters.

“The phrase he repeated to me most often is etched in my mind: “We must do good because it always comes back”, I try to put his teachings into practice every day, ”said Elizabeth. That, following the teachings of her beloved mother, she has always worked as hard as possible to help others. In particular, the presenter has done and continues to do so much for sick childrenthrough various fundraisers and donations, which made it possible to purchase machinery at the Umberto I Hospital in Rome and at the Bambino Gesù in Rome: “I put my face, my commitment but above all the heart in what I do. Seeing those little warriors fight makes your heart tighten. I try to offer moments of lightness, but when I leave the wards a deep sadness assails me and my desire to help is felt stronger ”.

Elisabetta also spoke of her mother in a recent interview with Verissimo, where she was a guest of Silvia Toffanin in the company of her love Nathan Falco, the son born from the marriage with the entrepreneur Flavio Briatore. “She would be very happy first of all because her grandson is becoming a giant. Nathan is eleven years old but he is really a determined, sweet educated child ”. Elisabetta underlines how mother Melina would be very proud of Nathan’s education, to whom the showgirl is transmitting the values ​​and teachings received from her mother.

elisabetta gregoraci mother
Elisabetta Gregoraci (Credits Mediaset Play)

“I remained the girl with the values ​​she taught me and that’s what I’m trying to pass on to my son,” said Gregoraci.