Dybala: “Future? I want to win with the coach and take Roma to the Champions League”

On the eve of the Europa League match: “Salzburg is a difficult team but Rome is ready”

“Will I play for Roma next year? The clause is a matter between my agents and the club, I don’t know what will happen at the end of the year. I don’t know what will happen with me, let alone with the coach, you have to ask him. I would like to be coached by him because he’s one of the best and I want to win with him I’m only thinking about tomorrow’s game, the year is long and there are many games to play. I want to win with Roma, there are two possibilities mathematically but one is more probable. I want to win with Roma and for Roma to play in the Champions League next year” Roma playmaker Paulo Dybala said on the eve of the Europa League match against Salzburg.

After winning the World Cup, the Argentine misses a European trophy with a club. “Winning at international level is very nice, at club level I miss it and I always say that winning helps to win. I hope to continue on this path. I have won many trophies in my career, I hope I can reach some trophies at European level because they have always an extra flavour,” added Dybala.

“Salzburg? I think that when a team plays the Champions League it means a lot, it’s not easy for any team to play. We face a difficult team, we’ll be ready for tomorrow” said the Roma playmaker.