Dyson Black Friday 2021, the offers not to be missed

When it comes to tech products, one of the most coveted brands is certainly Dyson. Electric brooms, hair straighteners, purifiers and much more. With Black Friday many Dyson products are on sale at discounted prices: an opportunity to get yourself and make a gift for Christmas. Here are some ideas.

Dyson Outsize Absolute

Among the most desired products there is certainly the DYSON Outsize Absolute electric broom at a price of 549 euros from Mediaworld.

The Slim FluffyTM Laser Brush reveals invisible dust particles. A precisely inclined laser makes invisible dust particles visible on the floors. It reaches up to 125,000 rpm generating the most powerful suction among cordless vacuum cleaners when in use. 18 cyclones create forces of 79,000g to push the dust into the container without clogging the filter, thus avoiding any loss of suction. The fully sealed six-layer filtration system is designed by the same engineers who make Dyson machines. Capture 99.99% of particles down to 0.3 microns5 and expel cleaner air into your home.

Dyson Purifier Cool

Also from Mediaworld with Black Friday you can find the DYSON Purifier Cool air purifier at 399 euros.

Captures dust, allergens and odors. Removes 99.95% of ultrafine particles. Fully sealed according to the HEPA standard – what is caught, gets trapped. Purify the entire room. Automatically detect, react and report air quality data in real time. Dyson instructors have developed the POLAR test to go beyond industry standards – measuring filtration, detection and diffusion to ensure the entire room is properly purified. Flowers, pets, sray and kitchen stoves, our air can hide invisible polluting particles. This is why Dyson purifiers automatically detect and remove them.

Dyson Corrale

Also discounted by Mediaworld is the DYSON Corrale multi styler plate, on sale for 399 euros.

The copper and manganese alloy foils flex to hug your hair. By increasing the control you can create the same styling but with less heat and half the damage. By decreasing the heat in conventional plates, damage can be reduced, but with consequences on styling. By hugging your hair, our flexible foils allow you to achieve the same styling with less heat. Up to 50% lower hair damage, reduced frizz and electrostatic effect. Choose from three different heat settings – 165 ° C, 185 ° C and 210 ° C – adapting them to your hair type and length and the styling you want. The straightener combines three technologies: flexible foils, intelligent heat control and 4-cell lithium-ion battery for unmistakable cordless styling.

Dyson V12 Slim

At Unieuro with Black Friday you can find the Dyson V12 Slim electric broom at 499 euros.

A perfectly inclined laser makes invisible dust particles visible. The powerful and lightweight digital motor reaches up to 125,000 rpm generating 150 AW of Dyson V12 Slim Absolute power. Cleaning type: Dry, Vacuum cleaner filter system: Hygienic filter, Dirt separation method: Cyclonic. Dust container type: Bagless, Color of product: Nickel, Purple, Solids suction capacity: 0.35 L. Power source: Battery, Operating time: 60 min, Charging time: 3.5 h. Weight: 2.4 kg, Width: 250 mm, Depth: 252 mm. Package width: 154 mm, Package depth: 271 mm, Package height: 806 mm.

Dyson Pure Cool Me

Also from Unieuro there is the Dyson Pure Cool Me purifier discounted at 43%, 199 euros instead of 349.90.

The personal use fan purifier is designed to help improve air quality. The sealed filter combines an activated carbon filter and a glass fiber HEPA filter. Together, they capture gases and ultrafine particles in the air. It then uses Dyson Core Flow ™ technology to deliver purified fresh air exactly where it is needed. Dyson Pure Cool Me. Air purification rate: 925.2 m³ / h, Acoustic emission: 59 dB, Maximum timer duration: 8 h. Color of product: Silver, White, Control type: Buttons, Display type: LCD. Filter type: HEPA / Carbon, Filter life (max): 12 month (s). Power consumption (max): 40W, Power consumption (stand-by mode): 0.5W, Battery type: CR2032L. Width: 245 mm, Depth: 245 mm, Height: 401 mm

Dyson Airwrap Red

At Euronics you can find the Dyson Airwrap Red curling iron at the special price of 449 euros.

Curling irons. Standard plate. Power W 1300 max, with cold air function, rotary function, temperature adjustment. Max temperature 150 ° C. With curling iron and straightener. Red special edition, Valentine’s Day. With the exclusive red Dyson box for storing and carrying the styler and its accessories. Dyson V9 digital motor: The 13 blades of the digital motor rotate at a speed of 110,000 rpm, generating enough pressure of 3.2 kPa to create the Coanda effect. The intelligent heat control measures the temperature of the air flow more than 40 times per second and adjusts the temperature to always keep it below 150 ° C. The Coanda effect draws the hair towards the cone and envelops it. No pliers, no gloves, and no hair-twisting mechanism. Just voluminous waves and curls. Designed to create different styles on still damp hair. Combine powerful airflow with controlled heat to dry and shape your styling.

Dyson V15

There are also several Dyson products on offer on Amazon, such as the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, at 869 instead of 904.83.

Cordless vacuum cleaner, removable hand vacuum cleaner, 3 power levels, laser on the floor nozzle (makes invisible dust visible on hard floors), approx. 60 minutes of autonomy, 29.4 Volt, extra hard brush, extra soft brush, nozzle for slots, combination nozzle, wall bracket. A piezoelectric sensor constantly measures and classifies the dust particles, automatically adapting the power when needed. The LCD screen shows visible evidence of deep cleaning. The powerful and lightweight digital motor reaches up to 125,000 rpm generating 240 AW of power.

Dyson Airwrap Complete

Also discounted the Dyson Airwrap Complete, always on Amazon. Instead of 628 euros you can buy it for 599.

The Dyson Airwrap styler uses cones to create waves and curls, brushes to smooth or add volume. Designed for different hair types. Powered by the Dyson V9 digital engine, the Dyson Airwrap styler uses an aerodynamic phenomenon called the Coanda effect to attract and wrap hair around the cone. Starting with damp hair, with powerful airflow and controlled temperature, the Dyson Airwrap styler dries and creates different styles at the same time, without extreme heat. The styler uses air for styling and allows you to create natural waves and voluminous curls. The clockwise and counterclockwise cones are used to create symmetrical curls.

Dyson V11 “Absolut Extra”

Also on Amazon there is also the Dyson V11 “Absolut Extra” electric broom at € 752.77 instead of 902.02.

It intelligently optimizes power and range. Automatically adapts the suction power to carpets and floors. Up to 60 minutes of battery life in Eco mode. Generates up to 125,000 rpm creating the most powerful suction among cordless vacuum cleaners when in use. In Auto mode, the Dyson DLS ™ (Dynamic Load Sensor) technology, integrated into the High Torque brush, monitors the brush resistance 360 ​​times per second, automatically adapting the power to each type of surface. So you can thoroughly clean carpets and floors without having to change accessories. The Auto mode Automatically adapts the power to any type of surface to optimize autonomy. Eco mode: up to 60 minutes of autonomy. Ideal for prolonged cleaning on all types of surfaces. Boost mode: the strongest suction among cordless vacuum cleaners when in use.

Dyson 248367-01 V8 Animal

On Amazon you can also find the Dyson 248367-01 V8 Animal electric broom for 418 euros instead of 499.

Dyson V8 digital engine: reaches 110,000 rpm and moves up to 15 liters of air per second generating powerful suction. 2 Tier Radial Technology: 15 cyclones arranged in two rows to increase the dust separation capacity. Li-ion battery that contains 6 cells of nickel, manganese and cobalt to increase the energy density. With 75% more power than a motorized brush, it can push the bristles deeper into the carpet and remove more dirt. Carbon fiber filaments remove fine dust from floors. Mini turbo brush: for cleaning upholstery. Suitable for those with pets. Designed for an autonomy of 40 minutes (25 with the use of the motorized brush). Charging time of just 5 hours. No memory effect and no performance degradation over time.

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