E-commerce, Confesercenti: “Green tax web good but boomerang risk”

Deputy Vice President Nico Gronchi at Adnkronos: “We need to hit the big platforms, not the small Italian transport companies or even the small operators”

The government intends to impose a ‘web green tax’ on micro deliveries linked to e-commerce in the next budget law and the world of commerce welcomes the idea as long as it does not turn into a ‘boomerang’. ” This is what Nico Gronchi, Deputy Vice President of Confesercenti and President of Assoterziario, argues, questioned by Adnkronos. “This government faces a very real and concrete issue, it wants to intervene on polluting vehicles and on the impact that deliveries of small transportations in cities have , door to door, which in some hours of the day are literally invaded by small couriers “. explains Gronchi.” We are very favorable in principle, especially if we combine it with the Digital tax. – he adds – But we need to see how they want to apply it because it could be a boomerang for small Italian transport companies or even for small merchants that make micro deliveries “.

“We have some concerns because for now we are dealing with the titles, – he observes – the Digital green tax may risk hitting downstream not so much the large e-commerce groups but the small transporters or the small merchants or the final consumers”. So the theme is, “what is the government’s goal? If it is to reduce the impact on cities, this is not done with taxes but with laws and regulations. – argues the deputy vice president – If the goal of the government is to impose a tax on the extreme diffusion of e-commerce, perhaps choices are needed that affect the large multinationals of e-commerce. So, let’s see how they want to structure it “. “For now we are at the headlines and since we are considering introducing it into the budget law, – he emphasizes – the discussion must start and we will have our say”.