E-education 2.0, this is how Jaguar Land Rover brings customers closer to the electric revolution

A project divided into five stages to raise awareness among today’s and tomorrow’s motorists about sustainable mobility. Next appointment in Milan

It is a trip to five cities – which goes alongside the activity in schools – that Jaguar Land Rover Italia has launched with the new chapter of the E-education 2.0 project which involves customers and prospects of the group to raise awareness of the revolution of electric and sustainable mobility.

From Rome, where the project started last October 5th, to Milan, Turin, Bologna and Padua E-ducation 2.0 aims – “to involve and provide information to our future customers on the delicate moment of transition of mobility between the electric revolution and environmental sustainability” as explained by Marco Santucci, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover Italia.

The project is expressed in a new format developed in various phases starting from a digital escape room, in which customers will be put to the test to test their real knowledge of the world of electric mobility, through a series of multiple choice quizzes with the dual objective of involving and entertaining participants as well as dispelling the false myths about electric that still survive in public opinion today. From theory we immediately move on to practice, first with a test drive in which guests will be taken on board the electrified range of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, crossing sustainable areas, squares, places representative of a new way of understanding the urban ecosystem for understand the practical benefits of driving an electric vehicle.

The experience ended with a training and educational talk, moderated by LifeGate, with a panel of speakers from organizations such as ACI, Enel-X Way, eV-Now!. The journey to discover the electric revolution then ends with a sustainability-themed dinner, with low environmental impact and sustainable cuisine that follows new food and wine trends. The next stages are scheduled in Milan on 12 October at the ACI Milano – Mandarin Oriental, in Bologna on 25 October at the Grand Hotel Majestic Baglioni, in Turin on 7 November at OGR: the project will end in Padua on 9 November at the Hotel At Tezzon.

“Education, taking up a statement by Nelson Mandela, is the most powerful weapon to use to change the world – continues Santucci – and is also very important in the mobility sector, where the aspect of clear information cannot and will not must never be ignored. This is why Jaguar Land Rover Italia is committed to the forefront of training the drivers of today and tomorrow.”