E.Romagna, Giannattasio (Ferrara and Ravenna Chamber of Commerce): “R factor for development”

“I believe it is a good choice to hold the event here because the fair is the economy, companies meet here. An initiative that smells of economy. Fattore R will remind us all of the importance of data. can decide on a development policy that puts the company at the center if it is not known. It is not enough to invest in research and development to have a competitive prize, relations between the networks must be activated. The Chamber is particularly happy and the council at the unanimously decided to participate in this initiative which, although localised, deserves to go beyond the borders of both Romagna and the Region”. Mauro Giannattasio, general secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara and Ravenna, speaking at the press conference to present Fattore R, the Romagna Economic Forum now in its seventh edition and scheduled for Friday 20 October at Cesena Fiera.

The event is organized by the joint Chambers of Commerce (Romagna together with Ferrara and Ravenna), by Cesena Fiera and Bper Banca, with the support and collaboration of the main trade associations.