E. Sylos Labini: “Littizzetto and Fazio make politics with Rai money”

The founder of Cultura Identità on the artist’s speech to ‘Che Tempo che fa’ on the referendum on justice: “The center-right, unlike the left, does not deal with culture and entertainment”

Luciana Littizzettohow Fabio Faziowith public money from the Rai license fee, they are involved in politics, as always: it is typical of the left. “This is what he claims Edoardo Sylos Labinidirector, actor and writer, founder of the Cultura Identità association, interviewed by AdnKronos after the artist’s intervention on the subject of a referendum on justice, during the program ‘What’s the weather like’conducted by Fazio su Rai3.

“Nothing new under the sun – affirms Sylos Labini – When the center-right will deal with culture, there will also be center-right artists who will have their say: but if the center right it does not deal with culture, nor entertainment, nor information, then for the left a prairie opens up and will have free land. The center-right leaders also took care of having a cultural strategy, as the Communist Party has always done, with all its derivatives “.

But why is there this lack of sensitivity on the part of the right on cultural issues? “Because she has never been educated to this – replies Edoardo Sylos Labini – We of Culture Identity we are trying, but they have never had a cultural orientation, they have always thought that culture does not move the economy and does not bring votes. In the center-right, a cultural project is missing “.

(from Enzo Bonaiuto)